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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1828 The City of Magnolia, Florida Is Incorporated under the Aegis of the Territorial Government Florida Florida Historical Society
1831 John Bull, the First U.S. Coal-burning Locomotive, Makes a Trial Run in Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Railroads Historic Firsts Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania
1862 The British Blockade Runner, Maria, Is Seized by the U.S.S. Kensington Off the Coast of Florida Great Britain Florida Naval Military History American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1864 Union General William T. Sherman Orders the Destruction of the Atlanta, Georgia Business District Atlanta, Georgia Fall of Atlanta History Channel
General Sherman Orders the Destruction of All Railroads and Telegraph Lines Connecting Atlanta with Northwest Georgia Atlanta, Georgia Railroad Telegraph Fall of Atlanta University of Georgia
Confederate Cavalry Ward Off an Effort by a Union Raiding Party to Destroy Salt Works Near Florida's Tampa Bay Florida American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1882 In Minnesota, Five Craft Unions and Two Knights of Labor Assemblies Form the St. Paul Trades and Labor Assembly St. Paul, Minnesota Labor Unions Minnesota Historical Society
1883 On Lake Michigan, High Waves Sink the 230-Foot Steamer, Akeley, Killing 6 of 18 Crew Members Michigan Lake Michigan Naval History Death State of Michigan
1892 The First Professional Football Player, "Pudge" Heffelfinger Is Paid $500 to Play for the Allegheny Athletic Association Pennsylvania Sports Figures Football Labor Business & Economics Historic First Minnesota Historical Society
1910 The Steamer Portland, Known as the "Gold Ship" Is Wrecked for a Total Loss at Katalla, Alaska Alaska Naval History Alaska Historical Society
1946 The Exchange National Bank in Chicago Unveils the Nation's First Ten Drive-Up Teller Windows Cahicago Automotives Economics Historic Firsts History Channel
1950 ZoŽ Dusanne Opens Seattle Washington's First Professional Modern-Art Gallery Seattle, Washington Art Business Historic Firsts HistoryLinkC
1979 President Jimmy Carter Stops the Importation of Petroleum from Iran Iran President Jimmy Carter International Trade Iran Hostage Crisis MIddle East History History Channel
1982 After 11 Months of Internment, the Polish Government Frees Lech Walesa, the Leader of the Outlawed Solidarity Movement Lech Walesa Solidarity Cold War BBC
1984 The British Government Announces It Will Discontinue Use of £1 Notes British Government Currency BBC
1996 Jesse Jackson Threatens Boycott of Texaco for Discrimination Jesse Jackson U.S. Civil Rights Business & Economics Texaco History Channel

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