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1872 L.L. Bean (Maine-born Business Leader: Founder of L.L. Bean) Maine L.L. Bean
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1974 Karen Silkwood (Texas-born Union Activist) Texas Political and Social Leaders Labor Nuclear Energy Internet Movie Database Texas State Historical Association
1775 American Troops Capture Montreal Canada American Revolution Library of Congress
1851 London-Paris Telegraph Begins Operation Great Britain France The Telegraph European History
1862 African-American Troops of the Union Army Destroy Salt Works Along the East Coast of Florida Florida American Civil War African-American Heritage Florida Historical Society
1864 Sherman's Troops Burn a Large Steam Mill in Marietta, Georgia Marietta, Georgia American Civil War University of Georgia
1903 In Oregon, the Grants Pass City Council Votes Not to Accept a $10,000 Gift from Andrew Carnegie for Construction of a New Library Andrew Carnegie Grants Pass, Oregon Libraries Philanthropy
1913 The Bark A. J. Fuller, Loaded with Alaska Canned Salmon, Is Rammed by a Steamer at Seattle and Sinks Alaska Seattle, Washington Naval History Salmon Alaska Historical Society
1940 Walt Disney Releases Fantasia Walt Disney Family Film History Channel
1972 Michigan Governor William Milliken Purchases the State's First Lottery Ticket Michigan Government Economics Historic Firsts State of Michigan
1979 Robert Jarvik Is Granted a U.S. Patent for an Artificial Heart Michigan Scientists & Mathematicians The Heart Medical Research Patents & Trademarks History of Technology USPTO

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