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1843 Cornelius Vanderbilt (New York-born Rail and Shipping Magnate) Cornelius Vanderbilt Naval History Railroads
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1755 Land for the First Jewish Settlement in America Is Purchased Near Fort Ninety-Six in South Carolina South Carolina Judaism Concordia
1863 USS Two Sisters Captures the British Blockade Runner Maria Alberta at Bayport, Florida Florida American Civil War Naval Military History Florida Historical Society
1894 Milwaukee's Mildred Lord Patents a Washing Machine Wisconsin Scientists and Inventors Female American Scientists and Inventors Patents and Trademarks Inventors and Inventions USPTO
1910 Pennsylvania Station Opens in New York City New York City Railroads Penn Station New York Times
1928 African-American Marjorie Joyner Receives a U.S. Patent for a Hair Wave Machine Virginia Scientists and Inventors Patents and Trademarks Inventors and Inventions African-American Scientists and Inventors African-American Registry USPTO
1967 French Veto British Entry into the Common Market Great Britain France International Trade European History BBC
1968 In Texas, the Upholsterers International Union Calls a Strike Against Austin's Economy Furniture Company Austin, TX Labor Strikes Texas State Historical Association

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