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1930 Gary Becker (Pennsylvania-born Economist; 1992 Nobel Laureate for Economics) Pennsylvania Business Leaders Business & Economics 1992 Nobel Laureate for Economics
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1892 Jay Gould (New York-born Financier, Robber Baron) New York Business Leaders Railroad Business History Channel
1816 Philadelphia Savings Fund Society Opens As First U.S. Savings Bank Pennsylvania Business & Economics Historic Firsts New York Times
1863 Federal Troops Destroy Three Separate Salt Works in Lake Ocala, Florida Florida American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1884 Granville T. Woods Receives His First Patent for a Telephone Transmitter Granville T. Woods Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions The Telephone Famous African Americans Cincinnati Public Library
1901 Gillette Patents First Safety Razor with Double-edged Disposable Blade Inventors & Inventions Patents & Trademarks Gillette Historic Firsts
1902 The First V-8 Engine Is Patented Automobiles Patents and Trademarks Historic Firsts Technology and Society
1922 In Astoria, Oregon, Fire Destroys 32 City Blocks of Buildings, Including the City's Entire Business District Astoria, Oregon Fire
1969 First Commercial 747 Jumbo Jet Flight Made from Seattle to New York City Washington State New York City Aviation History Historic Firsts New York Times
1998 Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates Donates $100M to Immunize Children in Developing Countries Bill Gates Child Health Philanthropy
2001 The Enron Corporation Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Enron Business New York Times

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