K-12 TLC Teacher's Calendar: March
March 2012
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March Is...
American Red Cross Month
Archaeology Month:

Brain Injury Awareness Month
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Month
Deaf History Month (March 13 - April 15)
Hemophilia Month
International Listening Awareness Month
Irish-American Heritage Month
Mental Retardation Awareness Month
Music in Our Schools Month
National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month
National Craft Month
National Eye Donor Month
National Kidney Month
National Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month
National Nutrition Month
National Women's History Month
National Save Your Vision Month
Social Work Month
Workplace Eye Health and Safety Month
Youth Art Month

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This Week Is...

Universal Human Beings Week (First week of March)

National Cheerleading Week (Week of the first Thursday in March)
National Consumer Protection Week (First week of March)
National Invasive Species Awareness Week
National School Breakfast Week (First full week of March)
National Newspapers in Education Week (First week of March)
Patient Safety Awareness Week (First full week of March)
Return the Borrowed Books Week (First week of March)
Save Your Vision Week (First week of March) Presidential Proclamation
Severe Weather Awareness Week (IL, SC)

SKY & Telescope


Women of Color Day
(Observed annually on this date)

Pigs National Pig Day Pigs
(Observed annually on this date)

International Death Penalty Abolition Day: Michigan Human Rights Capital Punishment Human Rights Education Association
(Observed annually to commemorate the abolition of the death penalty in Michigan, March 1, 1847)
Peanut Butter Lover's Day: Peanut Butter ENC Online
(Observed annually on March 1)

Bulgaria: Baba Marta (Grandma Marta) Day
(Observed annually on March 1 to recognize the coming of spring)
Federated States of Micronesia: Yap Day
(Observed annually on March 1)
Marshall Islands: Memorial Day and Nuclear Victims' Remembrance Day Marshall Islands Nuclear Weapons
(Observed annually on March 1)
Paraguay: Heroes' Day Paraguay U.S. Department of State
(Observed annually on March 1)
Republic of BiH (Bosnia-Herzegovina): Independence Day Bosnia-Herzegovina U.S. Department of State
(Celebration of popular vote to separate from Yugosolavia: 03/01/1992)
South Korea: Sam Il Jul (Independence Movement Day) South Korea Japan U.S. Department of State Korea Award The Korea Society (pdf)
(Celebrates Korea's declaration of independence from Japan: 03/01/1919)

Wales: St. David's Day Wales Catholic Saints Official Web Site
(Observed annually on March 1)

Nebraska: Statehood Day Nebraska President Andrew Johnson Nebraska State Historical Society
(Commemorates Andrew Johnson signing the bill that made Nebraska a state: 3/1/1867)
Ohio: Statehood Day Ohio
(Commemorates first meeting of the Ohio legislature in Chillicothe: 3/1/1803)

First Quarter Moon


Read Across America Day

Women's World Day of Prayer
(Christian women's World Day of Prayer observed annually the first Friday of March)
Ethiopia: Victory of Adwa Commemoration Day Battle of Adwa Italy U.S. Department of State Ethiopia Embassy, London
(Observed annually to commemorate victory over the Italians at Adwa: 03/02/1896)


Bulgaria: National Day Bulgaria Russo-Turkish War
(Celebration of Treaty of San Stefano that liberated Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire: 03/03/1878)
Japan: Hina Matsuri (Doll Festival) Hina Matsuri Japan Guide
(Observed annually on March 3 to pray for health and happiness of girls)
Malawi: Martyrs' Day Malawi U.S. Department of State
(Observed annually on March 3 to honor the nation's heroes)


Australia: Clean Up Australia Day (schools) Australia Clean Up Australia Web Site
(Observed annually on the first Sunday of March)

British Virgin Islands: Stoutt's Birthday British Virgin Islands Island Sun
(Commemoration of H. Lavity Stoutt, first Chief Minister of the British Virgin Islands)

Vermont: Vermont Day Vermont Government Printing Office
(Commemoration of Vermont's admission as the 14th state of the Union: 03/04/1791)

This Week Is...
Presidential Proclamation
National Procrastination Week (Second week of March)
National Sleep Awareness Week
(Week preceding the return to Daylight Savings Time on the second Sunday in March)
Severe Weather Awareness Week (MO)
SKY & Telescope


Belize: Baron Bliss Day Baron Bliss Belize Philanthropy U.S. Department of State MayaBelize
(Commemorates the death of Baron Bliss (03/09/1926) - benefactor of Belize: observed the closest Monday to 03/09)

French Polynesia: Missionary/Gospel Day French Polynesia Christianity Asia Source
(Commemorates of the arrival of the first members of the London Missionary Society: 03/05/1797)

Guam: Discovery Day Guam Guam-Online
(Observed the first Monday in March to celebrate Magellan's landing 03/06/1521)

Vanuatu: Custom Chiefs' Day Vanuatu
(Observed the first Monday of March to celebrate those who are chiefs)

Illinois: Casimir Pulaski Day Casimir Pulaski Illinois Eastern Illinois University
(Observed the first Monday in March as per Illinois law)


Presidential Proclamation Frozen Peas National Frozen Food Day Frozen Peas Presidential Proclamation
(Observed annually on this date since 1984)
Ghana: Independence Day Ghana Great Britain U.S. Department of State BBC
(Commemoration of the end of British rule: 03/06/1957)

Texas: Alamo Day Texas The Alamo Library of Congress
(Commemorates Mexico's capture of the Alamo: 03/06/1836)


Judaism: Ta'anit Esther (The Fast of Esther) Judaism The Jewish Calendar
(13 Adar: Day of fasting in remembrance of Mordechai and Esther who fasted to defeat the enemies of the Jews)

Albania: Dita e Mësuesve (National Teachers' Day) Albania Education Teacher Appreciation
(Observed annually on this date to honor the birth date of St. Thomas Aquinas, patron Saint of Catholic students)
California: Arbor Day Luther Burbank Arbor Day University of California Davis
(Observed on this date since 1909 to commemorate the birth date of Luther Burbank: 03/07/1849)


International Women's Day

World Kidney Day
(Since 2006, observed the second Thursday of March to improve public undersatanding of the central role the kidney in global health and to increases awareness of kidney disease)

Buddhism: Makha Bucha (Magha Puja) `Makha Bucha
(Observed the night of the full moon (local time) of the third lunar month following Diwali)

Hinduism: Holi Holi
(First full day of the first full moon in the month of Phalgun)

Judaism: Purim `Purim `The Jewish Calendar
(14 Adar: Commemorates the annulment of the 6th century decree against the Jewish people in ancient Persia)

Peru: San Juan de Dios `Peru
(Annual March 8 commemoration of the life of San Juan de Dios)
Uzbekistan: Women's Day Uzbekistan Women Asian Development Bank
(Observed annually on this date)

Full Moon


Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday Ash Wednesday

Ukraine: Taras Shevchenko Day Taras Shevchenko Poetry
(Commemorates the birth date of Ukraine's poet laureate: 03/09/1814)

New Mexico: Arbor Day New Mexico Arbor Day National Arbor Day Foundation
(Observed the second Friday in March)


Burma/Myanmar: Dry Season Celebration Burma AsiaTour.com
(Annual March 10 observance)

Tibet: The Great Prayer Festival (Gelugpa Monlam Chenmo) Tibet Buddhism A View on Buddhism
(Day 5 of 14: Days 2-15 of the Tibetan New Year (Losar)


Johnny Appleseed Day
Johnny Appleseed

Lesotho: Moshoeshoe Day Lesotho Lesotho Embassy, Berlin
(Observation of the anniversary of the death of Moshoeshoe I: 3/11/1870)
Lithuania: Independence Statehood Day Lithuania The Soviet Union
(Commemorates the restoration of Lithuanian Statehood March 11, 1990)

This Week Is...
Brain Awareness Week (Third week of March)
Children & Healthcare Week (Third week of March)
National Girl Scout Week (The week including March 12: the anniversary of the founding of the Girl Scouts of America)
National Safe Place Week (Second full week of March)
Poison Prevention Week (Third week of March)
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Week (Third week of March)
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British Commonwealth: Commonwealth Day `The British Commonwealth Commonwealth Day Web Site
(Observed the second Monday of March)

China: Tree Planting Day China Arbor Day Arbor Day Foundation
(Observed annually on this date)

Gabon: Renovation Day Gabon Penn State University
(Observed on the anniversary of the founding of the Gabonese Democratic Party (PDG): 3/12/1968)
Mauritius: National Day Mauritius Great Britain U.S. Department of State
(Celebration of independence from Great Britain: 3/12/1968)
Taiwan: Arbor Day Taiwan Sun Yat-sen Arbor Day Taiwan Government
(Commemorates the death of Sun Yat-sen: 3/12/1925)

Zambia: Youth Day Zambia Child Advocacy U.S. Department of State
(Observed annually the second Monday in March)




Pi Pi Day Pi
The Exploratorium

Andorra: Constitution Day Andorra
(Commemoration of the approval of the constitution: 03/14/1993)
Japan: White Day Japan JapanGuide.com
(Observed annually on March 14. Men give chocolates & candies to women)
Liberia: Decoration Day/Liberian Day Liberia
(Observed the second Wednesday in March)

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: National Heroes Day Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Bequia Tourism Association
(Observed annually on this date since 2002 to commemorates the death of the country's first national hero, Carib Chief Joseph Chatoyer who was killed in 1795)

Tibet: The Great Prayer Festival (Gelugpa Monlam Chenmo) Tibet Buddhism A View on Buddhism
(Day 8 of 14: Days 2-15 of the Tibetan New Year (Losar)


Julius Caesar The Ides of March Julius Caesar

Belarus: Constitution Day Belarus
(Commemoration of the adoption of a constitution by the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Belarus: 03/15/1994)
Hungary: Revolution Day Hungary U.S. Department of State
(Commemoration of students who seized control of the Hungarian government: 03/15/1848)
Liberia: Joseph Jenkins Roberts' Birthday Liberia Joseph Jenkins Roberts
(Commemoration of the birth date of Liberia's first president: 03/15/1809)
Palau: Youth Day Palau
(Observed annually on March 15)

Virginia: Peter Francisco Day Virginia Military Figures American Revolution Virginia Historical Society
(Observed annually on March 15 in honor of the life of patriot, Peter Francisco)

Last Quarter Moon


Freedom of Information Day
(Observed annually on the birthdate of President James Madison, chief author of the Bill of Rights)


St. Patrick St. Patrick St. Patrick

United States: Camp Fire USA Camp Fire USA
(Annual March 17 observance commemorates founding in 1910)

Boston, Massachusetts: Evacuation Day Evacuation Day American Revolution
(Observed annually on March 17 since 1901 to celebrate the end of the British occupation of Boston in 1776)


Aruba: Flag Day/Anthem Day Aruba Aruba.com
(Commemoration of the official adoption of the Aruba flag and anthem 03/18/1976)

Republic of Congo: Marien Ngouabi Day Republic of Congo
(Remembrance of the assassination of Marien Ngouabi: 03/18/1977)

This Week Is...
National Agriculture Week (Week including National Ag Day: March 20)
National Inhalants and Poisons Awareness Week (Third full week of March)
National Youth Violence Prevention Week (Week including March 23)
Week of Solidarity with the Peoples Struggling Against Racism & Racial Discrimination (Week beginning March 21)
Severe Weather Awareness Week (OH)
Week of Solidarity with the Peoples Struggling Against Racism & Racial Discrimination (Week beginning March 21)
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Return of the Swallows to Mission San Juan Capistrano
(Celebration of the annual return of the swallows to Mission San Juan Capistrano)

Catholicism: Feast of St. Joseph Catholic Saints The Catholic Forum
(Annual March 19 celebration of the life of St. Joseph)

Colombia: St. Joseph's Day Colombia Catholic Saints U.S. Department of State
(Observed the Monday following the March 19 Feast of St. Joseph)


Calendar Vernal Equinox Calendar

Act Happy Day: Merriam-Webster

Big Bird's Birthday:
(Big Bird was officially 4-years-old until he turned 6: 03/20/1991)

Tunisia: Independence Day Tunisia France U.S. Department of State
(Commemoration of independence from France: 03/20/1956)
United States: Agriculture Day Farming and Agriculture Agriculture Council of America
(Observed on the first day of spring)


United Nations Internationl Day for the Elimination of Racism United Nations
(Observed on this date in remembrance of the massacre of students protesting apartheid: 03/21/1960)

Children's Poetry Day: Child Advocacy Poetry Just for Mom
(Observed annually on March 21)
Single Parents' Day: Parents About.com
(Observed annually on March 21 since 1984)
Nowrooz (Noruz), the Persian New Year: Iran Afghanistan Vernal Equinox BBC
(First day following the vernal equinox)

Lesotho: National Tree Planting Day Lesotho Arbor Day
(Observed annually on March 21)
Mexico: Benito Juarez's Birthday Mexico U.S. Department of State Mexico Connect
(Commemoration of birth date of former Mexican reform leader and president: 03/21/1806)
Namibia: Independence Day Namibia South Africa U.S. Department of State
(Celebration of independence from South Africa 03/21/1990)

South Africa: Human Rights Day South Africa Human Rights South African Government
(Observed on this date in remembrance of the massacre of students protesting apartheid: 03/21/1960)
Tunisia: Youth Day Tunisia Child Advocacy
(Observed annually on March 21)


United Nations World Day for Water United Nations
(Observed annually on this date since 1993)

Arab League Day Egypt Iraq Jordan Lebanon Saudi Arabia Syria Yemen Yale University
(Observed to commemorate the formation of the Arab League: 03/22/1945)
Laos: Day of the Peoples' Party Laos
(Observed annually on March 22)
Puerto Rico: Emancipation Day Puerto Rico Slavery Sol Boricua
(Celebration of the abolition of slavery and freeing of 30,000 slaves: 03/22/1873)

St. Maarten: National Day of Trees St. Maarten Arbor Day Arbor Day Foundation
(Observed annually on this date)

New Moon


Hinduism Hindu New Year (Ramayana Week Begins) Hinduism

United Nations World Meteorlogical Day United Nations
(Observed annually to commemorate the creation of the World Meteorlogical Organization: 03/23/1950)

Kick Butts Day

Pakistan: Pakistan Day Pakistan
India Islam U.S. Department of State
(Commemorates the Lahore Resolution calling for a Muslim state separate from India: 03/23/1940)


United Nations Tuberculosis World Tuberculosis Day Tuberculosis United Nations
(Commemorates Dr. Robert Koch's initial presentation of his discovery of the TB bacillus, Berlin, 03/24/1882)

Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands: Covenant Day Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands President Gerald Ford
(Commemoration of the enactment of the covenant to establish the CNMI: 03/24/1976)


Maryland Maryland Day Maryland

Waffle Day Foods and Nutrition
(Observed annually on March 25)
Catholicism: Annunciation Day/Feast of the Annunciation Religion Annunciation New Advent Catholic Encyclopedia Chambers Book of Days
(Oberved annually on this date to commemorate the message of the Angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary, informing her that the Word of God was become flesh)
England: Lady Day Religion Annunciation Greenwich Guide
(Annual Commemoration of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary)
Greece: Independence Day Greece Turkey Presidential Proclamation
(Commemoration of independence from Turkey: 03/25/1821)
San Marino: Arengo San Marino
(Commemoration of the return to the Arengo form of democratic government: 03/25/1906)

This Week Is...
National Porphyria Week (The week of April 1)
SKY & Telescope


Alaska: Seward's Day Russia Alaska Business & Economics Fairbanks, Alaska Visitor Information Site
(Observed the last Monday in March to commemorate Secretary Seward's purchase of Alaska from Russia for $.02 an acre: 03/30/1867)

Bangladesh: Independence Day/National Day Bangladesh Pakistan U.S. Department of State
(Commemoration of independence from Pakistan: 1971)
Mali: Day of Democracy Mali U.S. Department of State
(Commemoration of change from military government to free elections: 1991)

Spain: Fiesta del Arbol (Arbor Day) Spain Arbor Day Arbor Day Foundation
(Observed annually to commemorate King Alfonso planting a pine tree near Madrid on this date in 1895)

Hawaii: Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Day Hawaii State of Hawaii (pdf)
( Observed in honor of the birth date of Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole: 1871)

U.S. Virgin Islands: Transfer Day U.S. Virgin Islands Denmark United States Danish Consulate to the U.S. Virgin Islands
(Observed the last Monday in March to commemorate the 03/31/1917 handover of the islands from Denmark to the US.)


Angola: Victory Day Angola The Africa Guide
(Observed annually on this date)

Burma/Myanmar: Tatmadaw Day (Armed Forces Day)/Resistance Day Burma/Myanmar U.S. Department of State
(Commemorates call for national resistance fighters to overthrow occupying Japanese forces: 03/27/1945)


American Diabetes Alert
(Observed the fourth Tuesday of March)

Czech Republic: Teachers' Day Jan Amos Komensky Radio Praha
(Celebration of the birth of Jan Amos Komensky: 03/28/1592)

Libya: British Evacuation Day Libya Great Britain
(Commemoration of British military withdrawl: 03/28/1970)


Central African Republic: Boganda Day Central African Republic United Nations
(Remembrance of President Barthélémy Boganda's death: 03/29/1959)
Madagascar: Memorial Day Madagascar OnWar.com
(Remembrance of those who died in uprising against the French: 03/29/1947)
Taiwan: Youth Day Taiwan Child Advocacy border=0>Taiwan Info
(Remembrance of the deaths of 72 young revolutionaries in China in 1911)
United States: Mom and Pop Business Owners' Day Family Business Merriam-Webster
(Observed annually on this date to recognize husbands and wives who work together to support family businesses)


Health Care Professions National Doctors' Day Health Care Professions
(Observed March 30 to commemorate the first administration of anesthesia by Dr. Crawford W. Long in 1842)

Trinidad and Tobago: Spiritual Baptist/Shouter Liberation Day Trinidad and Tobago Religion U.S. Department of State Trinidad and Tobago National Library and Information System Authority
(Observed March 30 to commemorate repeal of the 1917 Prohibition Ordinance: 03/30/1951)

First Quarter Moon


Farming & Agriculture César Chávez Day César Chávez
(Observed annually to commemorate the birth date of César Chávez: 03/31/1927)

Bunsen Burner Day: Robert Wilhelm Bunsen Inventors & Inventions
(Commemorates the birth date of Robert Wilhelm Bunsen: 03/31/1811)
Malta: Freedom Day (Jum il-Heisien) Malta Great Britain U.S. Department of State
(Commemorates departure of last British military from Malta: 03/31/1979)

Micronesia: Culture Day in Pohnpei Micronesia
(Observed annually on this date)

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