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United States: National Human Trafficking Awareness Day
(Observed on this date annually as per a 06/22/2007 resolution of the U.S. Congress to elevate awareness of modern human slavery and trafficking )
National Human Trafficking Awareness Day Human Rights/Civil Rights
1839 Eugenio María de Hostos (Puerto Rican-born Educator, Writer, Advocate for Puerto Rican Independence and Caribbean Unity) Eugenio María de Hostos Hispanic Political and Social Leaders
1864 Thomas Dixon (North Carolina White Supremacist Author of The Clansman) Thomas Dixon Racism
1885 Alice Paul (New Jersey-born Women's Suffragist) Alice Paul Quaker Religion Women's Rights Women's Suffrage
1904 Clarence "Pine Top" Smith (Alabama-born African-American Pianist) Clarence Pine Top Smith Popular Musicians African-American Performing Artists
1971 Mary J. Blige (Georgia-born African-American Singer) Mary J. Blige Popular Musicians African-American Performing Artists
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1847 Native Californios Agree to Abide by U.S. Rule with Treaty of Cahuenga California History Westward Expansion Hispanic Heritage Journal of San Diego History
1858 Benito Juárez Assumes Presidency of Mexico and Re-establishes Federal Law Mexico Hispanic Heritage City of El Paso (pdf)
1865 Robert E. Lee Recommends Using African-American Troops in Return for Emancipation Robert E. Lee The American Civil War African-American History Sewannee: The University of the South
Secretary of War Edwin Stanton Meets General Sherman in Savannah Regarding Freed Slaves Savannah, Georgia The American Civil War Slavery Georgia
1879 British Attempt to Expand Influence in South Africa with Invasion of Zululand South Africa Great Britain Zulu War African American Registry
1937 Nell Scott of Seldovia Is the First Woman in Alaska's Legislature Alaskan Government American Women in Politics Historic Firsts Alaska Historical Societ
1965 African-American Football Players Boycott AFL All-Star Game in New Orleans New Orleans Football African-American History African American Registry
1978 Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon Wins National Book Critics Circle Award Toni Morrison American Authors & Illustrators African-American Authors & Illustrators History Channel
1999 Nancy Hollister Ends Her Term as Ohio's First Woman Governor Ohio Poliitcal and Social Leaders American Women Political and Social Leaders Ohio Historical Society

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