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1858 Daniel Hale Williams (Pennsylvania-born African-American Physician Who Performed the First Recorded Successful Heart Surgery) Daniel Hale Williams Medicine The Heart African-American Scientists & Mathematicans
1921 Yoichiro Nambu (Japanese-born Asian-American 2008 Nobel Laureate for Physics) Yoichiro Nambu Subatomic Particles Asian-American Scientists & Mathematicians 2008 Nobel Laureate for Physics
1938 Curt Flood (Texas-born African-American Who Successfully Challenged Professional Baseball's Reserved Clause) Texas Sports Figures Baseball Labor Law & Legal Resources African-American Sports Figures USA Today
1941 David Ruffin (Mississippi-born African American Member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) Mississippi Performing Artists Rock and Roll hall of Fame African-American Performing Artists The Internet Movie Database African American Registry
1969 Jesse L. Martin (Virginia-born African-American Actor) Virginia Performing Artists American Performing Artists Television African-American Performing Artists The Internet Movie Database
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1955 Luis Enrique Erro (Mexican Engineer Who Helped Establish the Advanced School of Mechanical Engineers and Electricians and the National Polytechnic Institute) Mexican Political & Social Leaders Hispanic Heritage
1711 The Assateague Indians Are Granted 1,000 Acres on the South Side of the Indian River by the Maryland Assembly Maryland Delaware Native American Heritage State of Delaware
1949 William Dawson (IL) Elected Chairman of House Expenditures Committee Illinois Political and Social Leaders U.S. Congress African-American Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts African American Registry
1958 Willie O'Ree Is First Black Man to Play in the National Hockey League Canadian Sports Figures NHL African-American Sports Figures Historic Firsts African American Registry The New York Times
Leonard Bernstein and the New York Philharmonic Broadcast on CBS-TV the First of 53 "Young People's Concerts" over 24 Years New York Philharmonic Leonard Bernstein Classical Music Child Advocacy Television CBS American Public Media
1962 Student Protests the Closing of Louisiana's Largest African-American Southern University Lousiana Education Civil Rights African-American History Louisana101
1966 Robert C. Weaver First African-American Member of Presidential Cabinet Washington, D.C. Political & Social Leaders President Lyndon Johnson African-American Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts HUD
1989 Otis Redding Is Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Otis Redding Rock & Roll Hall  of Fame African-American Performing Artists University of Georgia
1993 The Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Observed in All 50 States for First Time Martin Luther King, Jr. African-Amrican Heritage Historic Firsts The New York Times
1998 Ragtime, a Musical Based on the Novel by E.L. Doctorow, Debuts on Broadway at the New Ford Center for the Performing Arts E.L. Doctorow American Musicals Plays African-American Heritage Internet Broadway Database

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