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1861 Joseph Seamon Cotter (Kentucky-born African-American Poet, Educator) Kentucky Authors & Illustrators Poetry Educators of Note African-American Authors & Illustrators African American Registry
1902 Blanche Calloway (Maryland-born African-American Jazz Singer, Bandleader) Maryland Performing Artists Jazz African American Performing Artists African American Registry
1910 Romeo Benjamin Garrett (Mississippi-born Sociologist) Mississippi Authors & Illustrator Educators of Note African-American Authors & Illustrator Mississipi Writers
1914 William Ellisworth Artis (North Carolina-born African-American Sculptor, Ceramist, Educator) William Ellisworth Artis Notable African Americans
1924 Sonny Stitt (Massachusetts-born African-American Jazz Musician) Sonny Stitt Jazz African American Performing Artists
1950 Richard Mzamane Mabaso (South African Artist) South African Artists South African History
1938 Simon Estes (Iowa-born African-American Operatic Bass-Baritone) Simon Estes Opera African American Performing Artists
1974 Malin Alegria (California-born Latin-American Young-Adult Author) Malin Alegria Young-adult Authors Latin-American Authors
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1620 María Coronel Takes Her Religious Vows and Becomes María de Jesús the Mystic "Woman in Blue" Spanish Political and Social Leaders New Mexico Texas Native American Heritage Catholicism Texas State Historical Society
1733 James Oglethorpe Presents Gifts to Yamacraw Indians for Allowing Colonists to Settle on Georgia's Yamacraw Bluff State of Georgia Colonial Georgia Yamacraw Indians University of Georgia
1817 State of Delaware Allots $1,000 per County per Year for Instruction of Poor White Children Whose Parents Cannot Afford Private Tutoring Delaware Education Education Economics Racism State of Delaware
1862 President Lincoln Discusses Issues of Slavery with Poet/Philosopher Ralph Waldo Emerson Ralph Waldo Emerson Abraham Lincoln Slavery Lincoln Logs
1864 President Lincoln Sends Condolences to Hawaiian King Kamehameha V, on Death of His Brother Hawaii Abraham Lincoln Slavery Lincoln Logs
1870 Georgia General Assembly Ratifies the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Georgia 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Voting Rights Human Rights/Civil Rights University of Georgia
1874 Ursuline Academy Is Founded in Dallas, Texas Dallas, Texas Education Women Catholicism Ursuline Academy Texas State Historical Society
1897 Pittsburgh's Alfred L. Cralle Is Issued Patent 576,395 for an Ice-cream Scooper Pennsylvania Scientists & Inventors Patents & Trademarks Foods & Nutrition Noted African Americans What's Cooking America African American Registry
1914 The NAACP Awards Its First Spingarn Medal to Genetic Biologist Ernest Just South Carolina Scientists & Mathematicians Genetics African-American Scientists & Mathematicians Historic Firsts NAACP African American Registry
1948 President Truman Announces Steps Taken to Immediately Eliminate Discrimination in the Military U.S. Congress Ten Points Civil Rights Message Human Rights/Civil Rights African American History Truman Library
1959 Court-Ordered Desegregation of Virginia Schools Begins in Arlington and Norfolk Virginia Education Education Racism Human Rights/Civil Rights Law and Legal Resources African-American Heritage Virginia Historical Society
1965 Alfonso Alvarez Receives a Patent for "Dual-vent Windows" Patents & Trademarks Inventors & Inventions Hispanic Scientists and Inventors USPTO
1988 U.S. Postal Service Releases 22-cent Stamp Honoring James Weldon Johnson James Weldon Johnson United States Postal Service Noted African Americans University of Georgia
1989 Apartheid Advocate, P. W. Botha, Resigns as President of South Africa's National Party P. W. Botha Apartheid South African History
1990 South African President F.W. de Klerk Dismantles Apartheid F.W. de Klerk Apartheid South African History BBC
1994 President F.W. de Klerk Announces Dates for South Africa's First Non-Racial Elections F.W. de Klerk Elections South African History

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