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1802 Lydia Maria Child (Massachusetts-born Author, Rights Activist) Massachusetts Authors Civil Rights, Human Rights Slavery Women Native American Heritage Writer's Almanac African American Registry
1805 Jean Baptiste Charbonneau (North Dakota-born Son of Sacagawea) Jean Baptiste Charbonneau Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery Sacagawea History Channel
1840 Jonathan Wright (Pennsylvania-born Attorney; First African American Admitted to the Pennsylvania Bar) Pennsylvania Political and Social leaders South Carolina Political and Social leaders Law and Legal Resources African American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
1888 John Warren Davis (Georgia-born African-American President of West Virginia State College) Georgia Political and Social leaders West Virginia Political and Social leaders Educators of Note African American Political and Social Leaders West Virginia State University West Virginia State Archives
1914 Josh White (South Carolina-born African-American Blues & Folk Guitarist, Singer) South Carolina Performing Artists Jazz & Blues African American Performing Artists African American Registry
1920 Daniel "Chappie" James, Jr. (Florida-born Aviator; First African American Four-Star General in the U.S. Air Force) Florida Military Figures Aviation Military History African-American Military Figures U.S. Air Force African American Registry
1964 Sarah Palin (Idaho-born Governor of Alaska; Republican Party Candidate for Vice President of the United States) Sarah Palin Alaska Political and Social Leaders American Women Political and Social Leaders 2008 Presidential Campaign
1979 Brandy (Mississippi-born African-American Popular Singer) Missussippi Performing Artists Popular Musicians Famous African Americans
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
2012 Whitney Houston (New Jersey-born Grammy Award-Winning African-American Popular Singer) Whitney Houston Popular Musicians African American Performing Artists
1984 The Reagan Administration Announces That Cuban Aliens Will Be Granted Residency Status in the United States Cuba President Ronald Reagan Cuban Immigrants Latin-American Heritage Florida Historical Society
1989 In Boston, Barbara C. Harris Is the First Woman Consecrated as a Bishop in the Episcopal Church Boston, Massachusetts American Women Political and Social Leaders Religion Historic Firsts Episcopal Church New York Times
1993 President Clinton Nominates Janet Reno to be the First Female U.S. Attorney General Florida Political & Social Leaders President Bill Clinton Women U.S. Government Historic Firsts New York Times Florida Historical Society

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