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1850 Hallie Quinn Brown (Pennsylvania-born African-American Educator, Lecturer, Writer) Hallie Quinn Brown Educators of Note Women's Rights African American Poliitical and Social Leaders
1964 Jasmine Guy (Massachusetts-born African-American Actress) Massachusetts Performing Artists Actors Television African American Performing Artists Internet Movie Database
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1913 Harriet Tubman (Maryland-born African-American Conductor on the Underground Railroad) Harriet Tubman The Underground Railroad Famous African Americans
1991 Etheridge Knight (Mississippi-born African-American Poet) Etheridge Knight Poetry African-American Authors and Illustrators
1854 In Wisconsin, Abolitionists Rescue Missouri Slave, Joshua Glover, From the Milwaukee Jail and Safely Transport Him to Canada Canada Milwaukee, Wisconsin Missouri Abolition Underground Railroad University of Wisconsin Library Wisconsin Historical Society
1863 A Federal Force, Primarily of African-American Troops, Reoccupies Jacksonville, Florida Jacksonville, Florida American Civil War African-American Military Figures Jacksonville, Florida Florida Historical Society
The All-African-American 54th Infantry of Massachusetts Is Created Massachusetts The American Civil War African-American History The African American Registry
1866 Georgia Law Allows Wives to Maintain Separate Bank Accounts (Less Than $2,000) from Their Husbands Georgia Government Law and Legal Resources Women University of Georgia
1913 African-American North Pole Explorer, Matthew Henson, Joins the U.S. Customs Service Matthew Henson African-American Explorers U.S. Treasury
1920 West Virginia Ratifies 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Giving Women the Right to Vote West Virginia Government 19th Amendment Women Voting Rights West Virginia Archives
1929 Hearts in Dixie, First African-American Film, Premieres Film African-American History Historic Firsts Internet Movie Database
1969 James Earl Ray Waives Trial, Pleads Guilty to Murder of Martin Luther King Jr. The Assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Crime Law and Legal Resources BBC The History Channel
1972 First National Black Political Convention Is Held in Gary, Indiana Gary, Indiana Politics African-American History The African American Registry
1984 Miami, Florida Erupts in Riots When Jury Acquits Hispanic Policeman of Slaying of an African-American. Miami, Florida Hispanic Heritage African-American Heritage Miami, Florida Florida Historical Society
1993 Pensacola, Florida's Dr. David Gunn Is First Medical Professional to be Assassinated by Anti-Abortion Terrorists Pensacola, Florida Abortion Terrorism Death Intellihealth

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