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1809 Joseph Jenkins (J.J.) Roberts (Virginia-born African-American: First President of Liberia) Liberia J.J. Roberts African-American Political and Social Leaders
1843 Richard Henry Boyd (Mississippi-born African-American Minister, Entrepreneur, Publisher, Black Nationalist) Mississippi Political and Social Leaders Slavery Religious Leaders and Theologians African-American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
1858 Edward R. Carter (Georgia-born African-American Religious Leader) Georgia Political and Social Leaders Religious Leaders and Theologians African-American Political and Social Leaders University of Georgia
1910 Nick Stewart (New York City-born African-American Producer) New York City Performing Artists Stage and Theater African-American Performing Artists Internet Movie Database African American Registry
1911 Ivan Allen, Jr. (Mayor of Atlanta During U.S. Civil Rights Movement) Atlanta, Georgia U.S. Civil Rights Movement University of Georgia
1912 Sam "Lightnin" Hopkins (Texas-born African-American Blues Musician) Texas Performing Artists Blues and Jazz African American Registry
1944 Sly Stone (Texas-born African-American Member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) Sly Stone Popular Musicians African-American Performing Artists Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
1946 Bobby Bonds (California-born African-American Professional Baseball Player) California Sports Figures Baseball African American Sports Figures African American Registry
1947 Federico Peña (Texas-born Latin-American Statesman) Federico Peña Statesman President Bill Clinton Latin-American Studies
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1998 Benjamin Spock (Connecticut Pediatrician) Benjamin Spock Medicine Child Advocacy
1726 Delaware's General Assembly Enacts Law Punishing White Women Giving Birth to a Child of Mixed Race and Indenturing the Child for 31 Years Delaware Government Colonial Delaware Women Racism Crime Law State of Delaware
1820 Maine Is Admitted as the 23rd State of the United States Maine History Missouri Compromise Library of Congress History Channel Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1840 Seminole Warriors Attack a U.S. Infantry Unit Near Florida's Fort Drane - No Casualties Florida Seminole Indians Forts Florida Historical Society
1864 Special Order Issued for 700 Slaves to Construct Defenses Against Federal Forces in Florida Florida Slavery American Civil War Florida Historical Society
1955 Fats Domino's "Ain't That a Shame" Is Put on Tape for Release Fats Domino Popular Music Notable African Americans National Public Radio
1960 200 Students Stage Sit-ins at Ten Lunch Counters in Downtown Atlanta Atlanta, Georgia Civil Rights African-American Heritage University of Georgia
1965 President Johnson Declares War on Poverty Lyndon Johnson American Presidency Human Rights Economics New York Times The History Channel
1999 Maurice Ashley Is the First African-American Grandmaster Jamaican Sports Figures Chess African-American Sports Figures New York Times African American Registry
Curtis Mayfield Is Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for a Second Time Chicago Performing Artists Rock and Roll Hall of Fame African-American Performing Artists University of Georgia

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