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1846 Rebecca Cole (Pennsylvania-born Physician: Second Female African-American Physician) Rebecca Cole Medicine Noted African Americans
1929 Louise McPhetridge von Thaden (Arkansas-born Aviator) Arkansas Explorers and Aviators Aviation Arkansas History Commission
1948 C. Vivian Stringer (Pennsylvania-born African-American College Basketball Coach) Vivian Stringer Basketball Coach Noted African Americans
1954 Nancy Wilson (San Francisco-born African-American Popular Singer) San Francisco Performing Artists Popular Musicians African-American Performing Artists Internet Movie Database
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1975 "T-bone" Walker (Texas-born Member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) T-bone Walker Blues Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
1749 James Oglethorpe Withdraws from the Georgia Colony After Trustees in London Decide to Allow Slavery Great Britain Georgia Georgia Colony Slavery University of Georgia
1758 2,000 Comanche Indians Raze the North Texas Mission, Santa Cruz de San Sabá, Killing Those Present Texas Comanche Indians Catholicism Death Texas State Historical Association
1827 Freedom's Journal, First African-American Newspaper, Is First Published John B. Russwurm Journalism African-American History Wisconsin Historical Society African American Registry
1855 In Massachusetts, Charlotte Forten Qualifies as the Salem Normal School's First African-American Student Salem, Massachusetts Education Women African-American Heritage Historic Firsts Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1883 Susan Hayhurst Graduates from the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy as the First Female American Pharmacist Pennsylvania Education Health Care Professions Women Historic Firsts IntelliHealth
1966 In California Cesar Chavez and 75 Supporters Begin a 3-week March From Delano to Sacramento in Support of a Farm Workers' Strike California Cesar Chavez Farming and Agriculture Labor Unions Human Rights Hispanic Political and Social Leaders UCLA Learn California
2003 Israeli Military Bulldozer Driver Kills 23-year-old Peace Activist from Olympia, Washington Israel Olympia, Washington Human Rights History Link

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