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1784 Tom Molineaux (African-American Member of the Boxing Hall of Fame) Maryland Sports Figures International Boxing Hall of Fame Noted African American Sports Figures African American Registry
1884 Florence E. Allen (Utah-born Ohio Supreme Court Justice; First Woman to Serve on Any State Supreme Court) Utah Political and Social Leaders Ohio Political and Social Leaders Law and Legal Resources Ohio Historical Society
1938 Maynard Jackson (Texas-born African-American Attorney, Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia) Texas Political & Social Leaders Georgia Political & Social Leaders African American Political & Social Leaders African American Registry University of Georgia
1953 Chaka Khan (Chicago-born African-American Popular Musician) Chicago Performing Artists Popular Musicians African American Performing Artists
1955 Moses Malone (Virginia-born Member of the Basketball Hall of Fame) Virginia Sports Figures Basketball Hall of Fame Noted African American Sprts Figures
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1985 Patricia Roberts Harris (Illinois-born African-American Stateswoman, Member of President Carter's Cabinet)  Patricia Roberts Harris President Jimmy Carter Politics U.S. Government African American Political & Social Leaders
1831 Virginia's General Assembly Authorizes the Establishment of Morgantown Female Academy Virginia West Virginia Education Education Women West Virginia Archives
1862 Cincinnati Audience Boos Speech by Abolitionist Wendall Phillips Ohio Wendall Phillips Abolition The History Channel
1873 Spanish National Assembly Abolishes Slavery in Puerto Rico Puerto Rican Government Slavery Library of Congress African American Registry
1900 Seattle Waitresses Union, Local 240, Is Organized with 65 Founding Members Seattle, Washington Women Labor Unions History Link
1916 Marcus Garvey Arrives in America from Jamaica Marcus Garvey Noted African Americans Spartacus
1942 U.S. Government Begins Moving Japanese Americans to Detention Centers World War II Japanese Americans New York Times
1964 Jacksonville, Florida Race Riots Result in One Death, Many Injuries and 200 Arrests Jacksonville, Florida American Civil Rights Movement African-American Heritage Crime Death Florida Historical Society
1971 Walter Fauntroy Is Elected as a Delegate to the 92nd Congress by Special Election Washington, D.C. African American History U.S. Congress
1972 Delaware Adopts the Equal Rights Amendment for Women Delaware Government Women Human Rights/Civil Rights U.S. Constitution State of Delaware
1984 Michigan's First Test-tube Baby Is Born Michigan Medical Research Child Advocacy Historic Firsts State of Michigan
1991 40,000 Children Hunt for 120,000 Plastic and Chocolate Eggs in Manatee, Florida Manatee, Florida Easter Child Advocacy Manatee, Florida Florida Historical Society

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