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1812 Martin R. Delany (West Virginia-born African-American Military Leader, Rights Advocate, Journalist) Martin R. Delany American Military Leaders Rights Journalism African American Military Figures)
1931 Willie Mays (Alabama-born African-American Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame) Willie Mays Baseball Hall of Fame African-American Sports Figures Sports Figures
1937 Rubin "Hurricane" Carter (New Jersey-born African-American Professional Boxer) New Jersey Sports Figures Sports Figures Boxing African-American Sports Figures Sports Figures
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1849 Moses "Black" Harris (Kentucky-born African-American Frontiersman) Kentucky Pioneers and Explorers African-American Explorers
1775 In Massachusetts, Prince Hall and 14 Other Free African-American Men Are Initiated into Lodge No. 441 Massachusetts African-American History Las Vegas Review journal The History of African Lodge #459
1828 In Washington, D.C., a Treaty with Cherokee Delegates Divides Lovely County, Arkansas between Settlers and the Cherokee Washington, D.C. Lovely County, Arkansas Cherokee Historic U.S. Documents Oklahoma State University Encycloepdia of Arkansas Cultures & History Arkansas History Commission
1834 The American Anti-Slavery Society Holds Its Annual Convention at Lane Theological Seminary in Cincinnati, Ohio Cincinnati, Ohio Abolition Ohio Historical Society
1877 In Nebraska, Sioux Warrior Crazy Horse Surrenders His Band of 889 Persons at Camp Robinson Nebraska Chief Crazy Horse Native-American Studies Nebraska State Histroical Society
1882 President Arthur Signs the Chinese Exclusion Act Essentially Barring Further Chinese Immigration China Chinese Immigrants President Chester Arthur Law Asian-American Heritage Yale University New York Times
1935 Works Progress Administration (WPA) Begins Operation Franklin Roosevelt Great Depression Works Progress Administration The History Channel African American Registry Florida Historical Society
1954 Floyd Van Riper of Wilmington Becomes Delaware's First African-American Eagle Scout Wilmington, Delaware Boy Scouts of America Historic Firsts African-American Heritage State of Delaware
1960 President Eisenhower Signs the Civil Rights Act of 1960 Dwight Eisenhower Civil Rights Historic U.S. Documents African-American Heritage African American Registry

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