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1877 Rosika Schwimmer (Hungarian Feminist and Pacifist) Hungarian Political and Social Leaders) Women's Rights
1895 Vinoba Bhave (Indian Social Reformer; Disciple of Mahatma Gandhi) Indian Political and Social Leaders) Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1851 In Christiana, Pennsylvania, African-Americans and Abolitionists Are Arrested Resisting Fugitive Slave Posse Christiana, Pennsylvania African-American Heritage Slavery History Channel African American Registry
1854 Illinois Journal Publishes Editorial by Abraham Lincoln on the Kansas-Nebraska Act Illinois Kansas-Nebraska Act Slavery Abraham Lincoln Journalism Lincoln Library
1857 In Mountain Meadows, Utah, Mormons and Paiute Indians Murder 120 California-bound Emigrants Utah The Mormon Church Paiute Indians Death Concordia History Channel
1889 Galloway College Opens as a Methodist School for Women in Searcy, Arkansas Searcy, Arkansas Education Women Religion Central Arkanasa Library System State of Arkanasa
1896 A Special Train Carries Ojibwe Indians to Ashland, Wisconsin to See the Buffalo Bill Wild West Show Minnesota Ashland, Wisconsin Native American Heritage Railroad Minnesota Historical Society
1954 The Miss America Pageant Is First Broadcast on Network Television Television Women Historic Firsts New York Times
1960 Wilma Rudolph Wins Her Third Gold Medal of the Rome Olympics Wilma Rudolph African-American Sports Figures Track and Field Hall of Fame 1960 Summer Olympics BBC
1978 In Delaware, a Court Orders the Use of Busing to Integrate the Schools of Wilmington, Delaware and New Castle County New Castle County, Delaware Education Racism Transportation State of Delaware
1996 South African Mineworkers Sign Agreement on Wages, Working Conditions and Racial Parity South Africa Labor Economics Racism South African History
1999 Serena Williams Wins the U.S. Open Tennis Championship Serena Williams African-American Sports Figures Tennis U.S. Open CNN African American Registry

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