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1815 Jan Matzeliger (Suriname-born African-American Inventor) Jan Matzeliger Inventors & Inventions African American Scientists and Inventors
1852 Edward Bouchet (Connecticut-born African-American Scientist, Educator) Edward Bouchet Science Education African American Scientists and Inventors
1889 Claude McKay (Jamaican-born African-American Poet) Claude McKay Poetry African American Poets
1902 Theodore Ward (Louisiana-born African-American Playwright) Theodore Ward Plays African American Authors
1928 Cannonball Adderley (Florida-born African-American Jazz Saxophonist and Bandleader) Cannonball Adderley Jazz African American Performing Artists
1940 Anne Moody (Mississippi-born African-American Author) Anne Moody African American Authors
1945 Jessye Norman (Georgia-born African-American Operatic Soprano) Jessye Norman Opera African-American Performing Artists
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1829 Guerrero Decree Abolishes Slavery in the Republic of Mexico Mexico Slavery Hispanic Heritage Texas State Historical Association
1832 A Treaty with the U.S. Cedes Ho-Chunk Lands Along the Wisconsin and Fox Rivers Wisconsin Native-American Heritage Historic U.S. Documents Wisconsin Historical Society
1834 In Minnesota, Indian Agent Lawrence Taliaferro Suspends the License of Fur Trader Alexis Bailly for Breaking Trade Rules Minnesota Business Native-American Heritage Economics and Business Minnesota Historical Society
1862 The State of Minnesota and Ojibwe Sign a Peace Treaty to Alleviate Fears the Ojibwe Will Join the U.S.–Dakota War Minnesota Native-American Heritage Historic U.S. Documents Minnesota Historical Society
1891 Texan Revolutionary Catarino Garza Attacks Mexican State of Tamaulipas Mexico Texas War Hispanic Heritage Texas State Historical Association
1935 In Nuremberg, NAZI Party Passes Laws "Clarifying" Citizenship in Third Reich NAZI Germany Judaism The Nuremberg Laws New York Times
1963 16th St. Baptist Church Bombed in Birmingham, Alabama: 4 African-American Girls Die 16th Street Chruch Bombing U.S. Civil Rights Movement African-American History Death Alabama State Archives
1964 Two New Members of the Tuskegee City Council Are the First African Americans Elected in Alabama Since Reconstruction Tuskegee, Alabama Elections African-American Political and Social Leaders Alabama State Archives
1968 An Wang Obtains Patent for a Basic Calculating Component of Computer Technology Chinese Mathematicians and Scientists Computer Technology Inventors & Inventions Asian-American Mathematicians & Scientists USPTO

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