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1848 Caroline Ardelia Yale (Vermont-born Educator of the Deaf) Vermont Political and Social Leaders Educators of Note Deafness Special Needs Education
1935 Carmen Delgado-Votaw (Puerto-Rican Women's Rights Activist) Carmen Delgado-Votaw Human Rights Activist Women's Rights Activist
1948 Bryant Gumbel (Louisiana-born African-American Television Host and Commentator) Louisiana Performing Artists Television Noted African Americans Biography
1908 Eddie Tolan (Colorado-born African-American Member of the Track and Field Hall of Fame) Colorado Sports Figures Track and Field Hall of Fame The Olympic Games African-American Sports Figures African American Registry
1926 Chuck Cooper (Pennsylvania-born African-American Pioneer in Professional Basketball) Pennsylvania Sports Figures Basketball African-American Sports Figures African American Registry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1998 Tom Bradley (Texas-born African-American Political Leader; Mayor of Los Angeles) Texas Political Leaders Los Angeles Political & Social Leaders Politics Noted African Americans
1817 Native American Tribes Sign Away Rights to 4M Acres of Land in Northwest Ohio with the Treaty of Maumee Rapids Ohio Native-American Heritage Historic U.S. Documents Ohio Historical Society
1837 Dakota Leaders Sign a Treaty in Washington, D.C., Selling Their Lands East of the Mississippi River for $500,000 in Cash and Goods Washington, D.C. Dakota Indians Mississippi River Economics Historic U.S. Documents Minnesota Historical Society
1864 African-American Soldiers Lead as Union Captures New Market Heights, VA Virginia Battle of New Market Heights African-American Military Figures U.S. Army
Former Texas Slave Earns the Medal of Honor Texas Military Figures Battle of New Market Heights African-American Military Figures Texas State Historical Association
1910 The National Urban League Is Organized in New York NYC Civil Rights/Human Rights African-American History National Urban League
1940 SS Booker T. Washington Is Launched Booker T. Washington Naval History African-American History African American Registry
1942 SS Booker T. Washington Is Launched at Wilmington, Delaware Delaware Naval History African American Heritage World War II African American Registry
1954 With Back to Home Plate, Willie Mays Catches 450-foot blast by Vic Wertz Alabama Sports Figures Baseball Hall of Fame African American Sports Figures New York Times
1956 Hundreds of Ku Klux Klan Burn Three Large Crosses Near the Base of Stone Mountain, GA Georgia Racism African American Heritage University of Georgia
1978 Seattle Public Schools Begins Mandatory, District-Wide Busing of Students to Achieve Racial Balance Seattle, Washington Education Racism Human Rights/Civil Rights Seattle Public Schools History Link

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