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1799 John Brown Russwurm (Jamaican-born African-American Journalist, Abolitionist) John Brown Russwurm Journalism Abolition Famous African Americans
1939 George Carruthers (Ohio-born African-American Astrophysicist) Ohio Scientists & Mathematicians Physics Space and Astronomy African-American Scientists & Mathematicians African American Registry
1945 Rod Carew (Panamanian Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame) Panamá Baseball Hall of Fame
Donny Hathaway (Chicago-born African-American Popular Singer) Chicago Performing Artists Popular Musicians African-American Performing Artists Internet Movie Database African American Registry
1951 George Weah (Liberian Soccer Player, Politician, Philanthropist) Liberian Sports Figures Soccer African American Registry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1825 In Indiana, the First Issue of the New Harmony "Gazette" Comes Off the Press with a Woman As Editor New Harmony, Indiana Journalism American Women Authors Indiana Historical Society
1838 12,500 Cherokees Assemble for a Final Council Meeting at Rattlesnake Springs, Tennessee Before Heading West on the Trail of Tears Tennessee Trail of Tears University of Georgia
1847 Amateur Astronomer, 29-year-old Maria Mitchell, Discovers a Comet from the Roof of Her Parent's Home in Nantucket, Massachusetts Massachusetts Scientists & Mathematicians Female American Scientists & Mathematicians Space and Astronomy Comets Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1867 Oct 1-4, African-American Men Vote for First Time in an Alabama Statewide Election Alabama Voting African-American Heritage Historic Firsts Alabama State Archive
1871 Susan B. Anthony Addresses the Washington Territorial Legislature Washington Susan B. Anthony Women Women's Suffrage HistoryLink
1874 Arkansas Female College Opens in Little Rock Little Rock, Arkansas Education Women Arkansas History Commission
1906 Finland Is the First Country to Give Women the Right to Vote Finland Women Women's Suffrage Historic Firsts Women of Finland's Parliament
1919 Day 2 of 3 Days of Deadly Race Riots Continue in Elaine, Arkansas Elaine Race Riot Racism Farming & Agriculture Labor African-American Heritage Encyclopedia of Arkansas
1951 Ottawa's Dr. Charlotte Whitton Is Canada's First Full-Time Woman Mayor Ottawa, Canada Women Historic Firsts Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
1957 The Motto "In God We Trust" First Appears on U.S. Paper Currency ($1 Silver Certificate) Currency First Amendment Separation of Church and State Historic Firsts U.S. Treasury
1959 "With God All Things Are Possible" Becomes the Official State Motto of Ohio Ohio Government Religion Separation of Church and State Ohio Historical Society
1962 James Meredith Enrolls as the First African-American Student at the University of Mississippi James Meredith Education African-American Heritage Historic Firsts University of Mississippi BBC Mississippi Writers Project

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