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1935 Diahann Carroll (New York City-born African-American Actress) Diahann Carroll Actors African-American Performing Artists
1965 Mario Lemieux (Canadian-born Professional Hockey Player) Canadian Sports Figures NHL
1950 Edward P. Jones (Virginia-born African-American 2004 Pulitzer Prize Winner for Fiction) Edward P. Jones African-American Authors & Illustrators 2004 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction
1959 Maya Lin (Ohio-born Asian-American Architect: Vietnam Veterans Memorial) Maya Lin Vietnam Veterans Memorial Asian-American Artists, Architects and Designers
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1739 Tomochichi (Yamacraw Indian Chief) Creek Indians University of Georgia
1813 Chief Tecumseh (Native American Leader Killed at the Battle of the Thames) Canada Battle of the Thames Chief Tecumseh War of 1812
1813 Troops Commanded by William Henry Harrison Defeat Shawnee and Miami Indians at the Battle of the Thames: Chief Tecumseh Is Killed Canada William Henry Harrison Chief Tecumseh Battle of the Thames State of Michigan
1855 Yakama Indians Clash with Federal Troops Igniting a Three-year War Washington Yakima Indians War HistoryLink
1877 Nez Percé Chief Joseph Surrenders to U.S. Cavalry in Bear Paw Mountains, MT Montana Chief Joseph Library of Congress
1898 In Minnesota, 6 U.S. Soldiers Are Killed in a Failed Attempt to Arrest Bugonaygeshig, a Native American Minnesota Native-Aemrican Heritage Law and Legal Resources Death MInnesota Historical Society
1909 U.S. Army's African-American "Buffalo Soldiers" Arrive in Washington from Philippines Washington American <Military Figures African-American Military Figures HistoryLink
1930 Laura Ingalls Begins First Solo Transcontinental Flight by a Woman (4d NY-CA) Laura Ingalls California Women Aviation History Historic Firsts PBS

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