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Canada: Persons Day
(Commemoration of Canadian women being granted legal status as persons 10/18/1929)
Great Britain Persons Day Law & Legal Resources Women Government of Saskatchewan
1926 Chuck Berry (Missouri-born African-American Member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) Chuck Berry Rock and Roll Hall of Fame African Americans Performing Artists
1942 Joyce Hansen (New York City-born African-American Children's Author) Joyce Hansen Young-adult Authors Famous African Americans
Willie Horton (Detroit-born African-American Professional Baseball Player) Detroit Sports Figures Baseball Major League Baseball African-American Sports Figures State of Michigan
1951 Terry McMillan (Michigan-born African-American Novelist: Waiting to Exhale, How Stella Got Her Groove Back) Terry McMillan Famous African Americans
1961 Wynton Marsalis (New Orleans-born Trumpeter) Wynton Marsalis Popular Musicians African Americans Performing Artists
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1540 de Soto's Conquistador's Kill Thousands of Chief Tuscaloosa's Tribe de Soto Alabama Native American Heritage Death Alabama State Archives
1733 British Trustees Ratify Settlement Treaty with Lower Creeks for Georgia's Yamacraw Bluff Great Britain Georgia Colonial Georgia Creek Indians University of Georgia
1820 Federal Treaty Relocates Choctaw Indians Onto 13M Acres in Western Arkansas in Exchange for 5M Acres of Choctaw Land in Mississippi Arkansas Mississippi Choctaw Historic U.S. Documents SouthShore First People Unversity of Oklahoma Arkansas History Commission
1848 Land in Central Minnesota Is Set Aside for the Menominee Tribe Minnesota Wisconsin Native-American Heritage Minnesota Historical Society
1896 St. Agnes Hospital Opens for African Americans in Raleigh, North Carolina North Carolina Health Care African American Heritage African American Registry UNC-TV
1899 60' Totem Pole Unveiled in Seattle's Pioneer Square Washington Native-American Heritage HistoryLink
1929 Britain's Privy Council Rules Canadian Women Are Persons of Legal Status Great Britain Persons Day Law & Legal Reosurces Women Canadian Government
1943 Paul Robeson Selected for the Spingarn Medal: NAACP's Highest Award Paul Robeson African-American History NAACP
1968 Bob Beamon and Lee Evans Smash World Records at Mexico City Olympics Mexico City Olympics Afican-American Sports Figures New York Times
Tommie Smith and John Carlos Suspended for Black Power Salute on Olympic Medals Stand Mexico City Olympics Civil Rights/Human Rights Afican-American Sports Figures New York Times
1997 Monument to U.S. Servicewomen Is Dedicated at Arlington National Cemetery Arlington National Cemetery Women Death U.S. Army

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