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1902 Jesús María Sanromá (Puerto Rican Classical Pianist) Puerto Rico Classical Musicians Hispanic Performing Artists
1950 Alexa Canady (Michigan-born African-American Pediatric Surgeon) Alexa Canady Medicine Famous African Americans
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1837 Elijah Parish Lovejoy (Maine-born Abolitionist: Killed by Pro-Slavery Mob) Elijah Parish Lovejoy Abolition
2011 Joe Frazier (South Carolina-born African-American Member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame) Joe Frazier International Boxing Hall of Fame African American Sports Figures
1775 Virginia's Deposed Royal Governor, Lord Dunmore, Offers Freedom to Male Slaves If They Serve the British Army Great Britain Virginia Colonial Virginia Slavery American Revolution African-American Heritage Virginia Historical Society
1811 William Henry Harrison is Victorious at the Battle of Tippecanoe Indiana William Henry Harrison Battle of Tippecanoe Native American Studies
1837 Pro-Abolition Journalist Elijah Parish Lovejoy Killed in Alton, Illinois by Pro-slavery Mob Illinois Elijah Parish Lovejoy Journalism Abolition Library of Congress
1893 Colorado Women Gain the Right to Vote Colorado Women's Suffrage Voting New York Times
1916 Jeannette Rankin of Montana Is the First Woman Elected to Congress Jeannette Rankin American Women in Politics Historic Firsts U.S. Congress History Channel University of Georgia
1922 Anna Johnson Gates Is the First Woman Elected to the West Virginia State Legislature West Virginia State Legislature American Women in Politics Elections Historic Firsts West Virginia State Archives
1963 Elston Howard First African American MVP of the American League Missouri Sports Figures Baseball African-American Sports Figures African American Registry
1967 Carl Stokes Elected First African-American Mayor of Cleveland, OH Ohio Politics & Elections African-American History New York Times
1972 Andrew Young (GA) and Barbara Jordan (TX) Are Among 16 African Americans Elected to U.S. Congress Barbara Jordan Georgia Political and Social Leaders Andrew Young U.S. Congress Politics and Elections African-American Political and Social leaders African American Registry University of Georgia
Texans Approve Amendment Guaranteeing Women and Men Equal Rights under the Law Texas Women Civil Rights/Human Rights Politics and Elections Texas State Historical Association
1989 David Dinkins Is Elected as the First African-American Mayor of New York City New York City Politics & Elections African-American History History Channel
Douglas Wilder, Virginia, Is the First African American to be Elected as a State Governor Douglas Wilder Politics & Elections African-American History Historic Firsts African American Registry Virginia Historical Society History Channel
2000 Ruth Ann Minner Is the First Woman Elected as Governor of Delaware Delaware Political and Social Leaders American Women Political Leaders Elections State of Delaware

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