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1731 Benjamin Banneker (Maryland-born African-American Mathematician, Astronomer, Inventor) Benjamin Banneker Mathematics Space and Astronomy Inventors and Inventions African American Scientists & Mathematicians
1802 Elijah P. Lovejoy (Maine-born Abolitionist, Journalist) Elijah P. Lovejoy Journalism Abolition African American Registry
1922 Dorothy Dandridge (Ohio-born African-American Actress) Dorothy Dandridge Actors Film African American Performing Artists
Sports Figures
1913 Ted Rhodes (Tennessee-born African-American Golfer) Tennessee Sports Figures Golf African American Sports Figures African American Registry
1923 Alice Coachman Davis (Georgia-born African-American Member of the Track and Field Hall of Fame) Georgia Sports Figures Track and Field Hall of Fame African American Sports Figures African American Registry
1935 Bob Gibson (Nebraska-born African-American Member of the Baseball Hall of Fame) Nebraska Sports Figures Baseball Hall of Fame African American Sports Figures
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
2006 Ed Bradley (Pennsylvania-born African-American Broadcast Journalist) Ed Bradley Journalism Television African-American Performing Artists
1875 U.S. Government Identifies Followers of Sitting Bull & Crazy Horse as Hostile Battle of Little Bighorn Cheyenne Indians Sitting Bull The History Channel
1884 The Kaweah Utopian Group First Meets and Will Establish the Keweah Co-operative Commonwealth in California's Eastern Tulare County Tulare County, California LearnCalifornia
1901 African American, William Monroe Trotter, Founds the Boston Guardian Massachusetts Journalism African-American Heritage PBS
1903 An Odd Fellows Lodge for African-Americans Is Organized in Beloit, Wisconsin Beloit, Wisconsin Racism African-American Heritage Odd Fellows Wisconsin Historical Society
1912 Carlisle Indian School, PA (Pop Warner, coach - Jim Thorpe, star) Stuns Army 27-6 Pennsylvania Jim Thorpe Native Americans College Football Hall of Fame NY Times
1948 In Georgia, U.S. Post Office Issues a 3-cent Stamp Honoring Moina Michael Who Championed Selling Poppies to Help Disabled Soldiers Georgia Political and Social Leaders World War II Special Needs Education Community Service U.S. Postal Service University of Georgia
1956 Atlanta, Georgia's Mattiwilda Dobbs Is the First African American to Sing a Romantic Lead at New York's Metropolitan Opera Metropolitan Opera Atlanta, Georgia Opera African-American Heritage Historic Firsts University of Georgia
1976 United Nations Approves 10 Resolutions Condemning Apartheid in South Africa United Nations South Africa Apartheid NY Times
1987 Cal Anderson Becomes Washington State's First Openly Gay Legislator Washington Political and Social Leaders Human Rights/Civil Rights Historic Firsts HistoryLink

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