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1873 W.C. Handy (Alabama-born African-American Ragtime Composer) W.C. Handy African American Composers and Songwriters
1943 James W. Mitchell (North Carolina-born African-American Chemist) North Carolina Scientists & Mathematicians Chemistry African American Scientists & Mathematicians
1963 Zina Garrison (Texas-born African-American Professional Tennis Player) Zina Garrison Tennis African American Sports Figures
1964 Dwight Gooden (Florida-born African-American Baseball Player) Florida Sports Figures Baseball African American Sports Figures
1967 Lisa Bonet (San Francisco-born African-American Actress: Cosby) San Francisco Performing Artists Actors Television African-American Performing Artists African American Registry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
2000 Hosea Williams (Georgia-born African-American Religious Leader, Civil Rights Activist) Georgia Political and Social Leaders Religion Civil Rights/Human Rights African-American Political and Social Leaders University of Georgia
1620 Pilgrim Landing Party Returns to The Mayflower After Spending Night Ashore Plymouth Colony American History (pdf)
1845 The Republic of Texas and Indian Tribes Conclude Tehuacana Creek Peace Treaty Councils Republic of Texas Native-American Heritage Texas State Historical Association
1898 West Virginia Court Rules Schools May Not Discriminate with Regard to Length of School Term West Virginia Education Racism Law and Legal Resources West Virginia Archives
1941 Joseph Goebbels Blames Jews for World War II in NAZI Propaganda Magazine  Joseph Goebbels Propaganda The Holocaust History Channel
1972 Police Shoot and Kill Two Student Protesters at Louisiana's Southern University Louisiana Education African-American Heritage Death Southern University Southern Digest
1990 U.S. Congress Passes Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act U.S. Congress Native American Heritage Historic Documents History Link
1997 Chinese Dissident, Wei Jingsheng, Arrives in U.S. After 17+ Years in a Labor Camp China Asian-American Heritage CNN
1998 The Albany Civil Rights Mission Museum Opens in Albany, Georgia Georgia Civil Rights/Human Rights Official Website University of Georgia

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