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1760 Deborah Sampson (Massachusetts-born Woman Who Served in the American Revolution Disguised as a Man) Deborah Sampson American Revolution Women
1778 Juan Martín de Veramendi (Mexican Governor of Texas) Mexican Political and Social Leaders Texas Political and Social Leaders Latin-American Political and Social Leaders Texas State Historical Association
1807 John Greenleaf Whittier (Massachusetts-born Quaker Poet, Abolitionist) John Greenleaf Whittier Poetry Quakers Abolition
1910 Sy Oliver (Michigan-born African-American Jazz Trumpeter, Composer, Bandleader) Sy Oliver Jazz African American Performing Artists
1927 Barbara A. Sizemore (Chicago-born African-American Educator) Chicago Political and Social Leaders Educators of Note African American Political and Social Leaders African American Registry
1938 L.C. Dorsey (Mississippi-born African-American Civil Rights Activist) Mississippi Political and Social Leaders Civil Rights/Human Rights Mississippi Writers Project
1939 Eddie Kendricks (Alabama-born African-American Popular Singer; Member of "The Temptations") Alabama Performing Artists Popular Musicians African American Performing Artists Internet Movie Database African-American Registry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1861 Henry Ruffner (Virginia-born Anti-Slavery Minister, Educator, Author) Virginia Political and Social Leaders Religion Educators of Note American Authors Slavery West Virginia State Archive
1983 Josefina Niggli (Mexican Author) Josefina Niggli Latin-American Authors
1778 Americans at Fort Sackville in Vincennes Surrender to a Superior British and Indian force Great Britain Vincennes Indiana Native American Heritage Forts The American Revolution Indiana Historical Society
1801 In the Treaty of Fort Adams, the Choctaw Nation Cedes 2,264,920 Acres of Land Along the Mississippi River to the U.S. for $2,000 Mississippi Choctaw Indians WEstward Expansion Historic U.S. Documents Economics Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
1859 Georgia Law Makes It Illegal for Free African Americans to Enter the State; Those Who Do Will Be Seized and Sold as Slaves Georgia Government Law and Legal Resources Racism Slavery African-American Heritage University Georgia
1860 President Lincoln Refuses to Compromise on the Further Extension of Slavery in the U.S. President Abraham Lincoln Slavery Lincoln Log
1862 Upset with Cotton Speculators, General Grant Expels Jews from Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi Tennessee Kentucky Mississippi Ulysses S. Grant Judaism American Civil War History Channel
1863 President Lincoln Proposes a Bureau of Emancipation U.S. Government President Abraham Lincoln Slavery Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln Log
1942 British Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden Condemns the Persecution of Jews in Eastern Europe European History British Political and Social Leaders Judaism The Holocaust World War II BBC
1944 A Military Proclamation Approves the Release of Japanese Americans from Internment Camps Japanese Americans World War II History Channel
1949 The African National Congress (ANC) Adopts a Programme of Action to Protest Apartheid in South Africa South African Political and Social Leaders Apartheid Human Rights/Civil Rights South African History
1965 The Supremes Performance Opens Houston Astrodome Houston PBS The Supremes Famous African Americans
1975 The NAACP Presents Its Annual Spingarn Medal to Baseball Player Hank Aaron Hank Aaron Baseball Hall of Fame African-American Heritage NAACP University Georgia
1981 Leah Aleice Simms Is Appointed County Judge of Dade County; the First African-American Woman to Hold a Judgeship in Florida Dade County, Florida Law and legal Resources Female Political and Social Leaders African-American Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts Florida Historical Society

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