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1873 William A. Harper (Canadian-born African-American Artist) Canadian Artists Artists African-American Artists African American Registry
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
2008 Robert Graham (Mexican-American Sculptor of the Franklin Roosevelt Memorial in Washington, D.C.) Robert Graham Franklin Roosevelt Memorial American Artists & Designers Latin-American Artists
1785 Wilmington Quakers Petition Delaware's General Assembly to Eliminate Slave Trade in the State Wilmington, Delaware Slavery Quakers State of Delaware
1794 Portuguese Slave Ship São José Wrecks Off the Coast of South Africa, Drowning 200 Slaves Portugal South Africa Slavery Naval History Death South African History
1821 The Hanging of Two Native Americans in Detroit for Killing Two White Men Are the First Executions in Michigan Detroit, Michigan Native American Heritage Capital Punishment Historic Firsts State of Michigan
1835 Three Companies of U.S. Soldiers Arrive at Florida's Fort Drane to Reinforce Military Confrontations with the Seminoles Florida Seminoles Forts Florida Historical Society
1842 Governor Charles McDonald Signs Act Repealing All Laws Prohibiting the Free Introduction of Slaves into Georgia Georgia Government Slavery Laws and Legal Resources University of Georgia
1845 Georgia Makes It Illegal for a White Person to Contract an African-American Mechanic or Mason Georgia Government Racism Labor Laws and Legal Resources African-American Heritage University of Georgia
In Jefferson, Georgia, Dr. Crawford Long Is the First to Use Anesthesia During Childbirth Jefferson, Georgia Medical Research Women Historic Firsts University of Georgia
1866 The Delaware Association for Moral Improvement and Education of Colored People Is Organized in Wilmington Wilmington, Delaware Education African-American Heritage State of Delaware
1892 In North Carolina, Livingstone Plays Biddle in the First Football Game Between Two Traditionally African-American Colleges North Carolina Education Education Football Historic Firsts African-American Heritage Livingstone College African-Ameerican Heritage
1934 Isabel and Monroe Smith Open the First U.S. Youth Hostel in Northfield, Massachusetts Northfield, Massachusetts Child Advocacy Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1942 Germany's "Smolensk Committee" Begins Recruiting anti-Soviet Prisoners of War to Join German Troops Against the Soviets Germany Soviet Union Prisoners of War World War II History Channel
1955 The NAACP Awards Its Annual Spingarn Medal to Jackie Robinson Jackie Robinson Baseball Hall of Fame NACCP African-American Heritage University of Georgia

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