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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
45 B.C. New Year's Day is Celebrated on January 1 for the First Time Using the Julian Calendar New Year's Day Historic Firsts History Channel
1801 Italian Astronomer Joseph Piazzi Discovers Ceres, the First Planetoid/Minor Planet Italian Scientists and Mathematicians Astronomy Solar System Historic Firsts Rutgers University Chambers Book of Days
Members of the U.S. Marine Band Perform the First Official Music at the Unfinished Executive Mansion (the "White House") The White House President John Adams Music Historic Firsts New Years U.S. Marine Band American Public Media
1831 Abolitionist William Lloyd Garrison Publishes the First Issue of His Anti-Slavery Newspaper the Liberator William Lloyd Garrison Abolition Journalism Historic Firsts PBS African American Registry
1850 The First Meeting of the Minnesota Historical Society Is Held Minnesota Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1853 The First Baltimore & Ohio Train Arrives in Wheeling, West Virginia from Baltimore, Connecting the Atlantic with the Ohio River Wheeling, West Virginia Baltimore, Maryland Railroad Ohio River Historic Firsts West Virginia State Archives
1863 A Nebraska Farmer Files the First Homestead Claim Nebraska Housing Farming & Agriculture Homestead Act Historic Firsts History Channel
1876 The First Area-Wide New Year's Day Mummers' Parade Is Held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania New Year's Day Historic Firsts Mummers History Channel
1890 The First Tournament of Roses Parade Is Held in Pasadena, California Pasadena, California Football Tournament of Roses Historic Firsts Learn California
1892 A 15-year-old Irish Girl Is the First of 12M+ Immigrants to Pass through the Doors of the Ellis Island Immigration Station Immigration Ellis Island Historic Firsts Library of Congress
In Washington, Destruction Island Lighthouse Is Illuminated for the First Time Washington Lighthouses Historic Firsts HistoryLink
1895 The Tampa Tribune Begins Daily Publication Tampa, Florida Journalism Historic Firsts Tampa Tribune Florida Historical Society
1897 Atlanta University Defeats Tuskegee Institute in the First Football Game Between Two Traditionally African-American Colleges Alabama Sports Figures Georgia Sports Figures Football Historic Firsts African-American Heritage University of Georgia
1914 In Florida, the First Scheduled Commercial Airplane Flight Is Made from St. Petersburg to Tampa Florida Aviation History Business Historic Firsts Florida Historical Society
1938 Stanford University's Hank Luisetti, Inventor of the Jump Shot, Is the First Person to Score 50 Points in a College Basketball Game California Sports Figures Basketball Stanford Basketball Historic Firsts New York Times
1951 The Zenith Radio Corporation of Chicago Demonstrates the First Pay Television System Chicago Television Business Historic Firsts History Channel
1959 President Dwight D. Eisenhower Signs an Executive Order Creating NASA President Dwight D. Eisenhower NASA History Channel
1973 NASA Launches the Intelsat 4 F-6 Communications Satellite Space Exploration Radio Television NASA
1978 Anne Cawthon Booth Is Appointed as the First Woman to Serve as an Appellate Judge in the State of Florida Florida Government American Women Political Leaders Law and Legal Resources Historic Firsts Florida Historical Society
1986 Wisconsin Is the First State to Recognize Equal Ownership of Assets Acquired by a Husband and Wife Wisconsin Government Women Human Rights/Civil Rights Economics Law & Legal Resources Historic Firsts Wisconsin Historical Society
1990 David Dinkins Is Sworn in as New York City's First African-American Mayor New York City Political and Social Leaders Elections Historic Firsts African-American Political and Social Leaders New York Times

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