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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1929 Bose Ikard (Texas-born African-American Frontiersman, Trail Blazer) Bose Ikard Westward Expansion Famous African-Americans
1854 Minnesota's Fifth Territorial Legislature Is the First to Meet in an Official Capitol Building Minnesota Government Historic First Minnesota Historical Society
1936 Billboard Publishes First Pop-music Chart Based on National Sales Figures Popular Music Billboard Historic First History Channel
1945 Ann Curtis First Woman to Win Sullivan Award As Top U.S. Amateur Athlete San Francisco Sports Figures Women Historic Firsts International Swimming Hall of Fame USA Today
1947 Republican Vera Davis of Dover Is the First Woman Elected to the Delaware State Senate Delaware American Women in Politics Politics Historic First State of Delaware
1957 Brooklyn Dodgers First Sports Team to Own Its Own Airplane Baseball Major League Baseball Aviation History Historic Firsts USA Today
1958 Sputnik I Disintegrates in Fall to Earth After 92 Days in Space Soviet Union Russian Space Program Cold War NASA
Edmund Hillary First Explorer to Reach South Pole Since Captain Scott in 1912 Edmund Hillary Antarctica BBC
American Rocket Society and Research Panel Issue Proposal for a National Space Agency Space Exploration NASA
1962 First Automated Passenger Subway Train Runs in New York City New York City Subway Historic Firsts New York City Subsway
1971 Melvin Evans Inaugurated As the First Elected Governor of the Virgin Islands U.S. Virgin Islands Elections Historic Firsts
1999 U.S. Mint Releases Delaware Quarters, First Dedicated to Individual States Delaware Coins and Currency Historic Firsts U.S. Mint
2002 First British Women Reach the South Pole British Explorers Antarctica Women BBC
2003 African-American Head Coaches Compete for First Time in NFL Playoffs Football African-American History Historic Firsts New York Jets
2007 California's Nancy Pelosi Begins Term as the First Female Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives California Political and Social Leaders U.S. House of Representatives Female American Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts National Public Radio

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