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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1683 In Delaware, the Town Name "Lewes" Is First Used in a Written Record Lewes, Delaware Historic Firsts State of Delaware
1768 The First Modern Circus Is Staged in London London Stage and Theater Historic Firsts History Channel
1793 George Washington Witnesses the First Successful Balloon Flight Made in U.S. George Washington Hot-air Balloons Historic Firsts NASA
1806 British Naval Hero, Lord Horatio Nelson, Is Buried at St. Paul's Cathedral in London. London St. Paul's Cathedral Historic Firsts History Channel
1909 Shackleton Expedition Turns Back Just 97 Miles Short of the South Pole The Shackleton Expedition World History University of Leeds
1958 Toyota & Datsun Cars First Shown in U.S. Japan Toyota Historic Firsts History Channel
1968 Surveyor 7 Makes Last Unmanned Landing on the Moon Prior to NASA's Apollo Program Space Exploration Lunar Exploration NASA New York Times
1969 The Concorde Makes Its First Trial Flight Aviation History Historic Firsts NASA
1986 NASA Researchers Use Voyager 2 Data to Discover the Uranus Moon Cressida Uranus NASA
1990 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Columbia (STS-32) to Deploy Defense Satellite Space Exploration Technology NASA

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