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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1852 New York City's Mt Sinai Hospital Is Incorporated as the First Jewish Hospital in the United States New York City Medicine Historic Firsts Mt. Sinai Hospital Concordia
1870 Thomas Nast Cartoon First Uses Donkey as Symbol of Democratic Party Thomas Nast Political Cartoons Politics Historic Firsts Ohio State University The History Channel
1879 Gilbert and Sullivan's H.M.S. Pinafore Is First Performed in New York New York City Musical Theater Historic Firsts Boise State University Writer's Almanac
The Governor of Alabama Presides Over the First Meeting of the State Bar Association Alabama Government Law and Legal Resources Historic Firsts Alabama Bar Association Alabama State Archives
1890 Tchaikovsky's Ballet, "Sleeping Beauty," Is First Performed at the Mariinsky Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia Igor Tchaikovsky Ballet Historic Firsts American Public Media
1892 In Springfield, Massachusetts, the Rules of Basketball Are First Published Springfield, Massachusetts Basketball Hall of Fame Historic Firsts The New York Times
1908 Alpha Kappa Alpha Is Founded at Howard University as the First African-American Greek Sorority Education African-American Heritage Historic Firsts Howard University African American Registry
1909 A Motorized Hearse First Used in a Funeral Procession Automobile Death Historic Firsts The History Channel
1919 Pianist and Statesman Ignace Jan Paderewski Is the First Premier of the Newly Created Republic of Poland Polish Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts The New York Times
1927 The First Traffic Crosses San Francisco Bay's Dumbarton Bridge San Francisco Bridges Historic Firsts Dumbarton Bridge The History Channel
1967 Green Bay Beats Kansas City 35-10 to Win the First Super Bowl Football The Super Bowl Historic Firsts The New York Times Wisconsin Historical Society
1969 The First Pulsar Is Identified by University of Arizona Astronomers Arizona Pulsars Historic Firsts American Institute of Physics
Soviets Launch Soyuz 5 to Dock with Soyuz 4 Launched the Previous Day Soviet Space Program Space Exploration NASA
1974 "Happy Days" Debuts on ABC Television ABC Historic Firsts Internet Movie Database The History Channel
1976 NASA Launches US-German Helios-B Deep Space Probe Germany Space Exploration Solar System NASA
1977 Coneheads Debut on Saturday Night Live Television Historic Firsts NBC
1981 Hill Street Blues Premieres on NBC Television NBC Historic Firsts Internet Movie Database The History Channel
1997 Space Shuttle Atlantis Completes Docking Procedure with Mir Space Station Russia Space Shuttle NASA

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