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1813 John C. Fremont (Georgia-born Explorer, Military Figures, Politician, Abolitionist) John C. Fremont California The Oregon Trail Abolition
1844 Jacob V. Brower (Michigan-born Surveyor of the Minnesota Headwaters of the Mississippi River) Michigan Explorers & Pioneers Minnesota Explorers & Pioneers Mississippui River Minnesota Historical Association
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1789 Printed in Boston, Power of Sympathy Is the First Novel by an American to be Published in America Boston, Massachusetts American Authors Historic Firsts History Channel
1799 Public Trials Begin of Edward Jenner's Smallpox Vaccination Procedure Edward Jenner Small Pox Historic Firsts London Ancestor
1915 The First Kiwanis Club Is Founded in Detroit, Michigan Community Organizations Detroit Kiwanis International Historic Firsts New York Times
1934 Atlanta's Citizens Trust Bank Is the City's First African-American Bank to be a Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Atlanta, Georgia Business Historic Firsts African-American Heritage Citizens Trust Bank FDIC University of Georgia
1954 The First Atomic Submarine, the USS Nautilus, Is Launched at Groton, Connecticut Groton, Connecticut Submarines Historic Firsts New York Times
1964 NASA :Launches Relay 2 Communications Satellite Equipped to Map the Trapped Radiation Belt Space Exploration Radiation NASA
1976 The Concorde Jet Begins Commercial Air Service Aviation History Historic Firsts History Channel
1987 Aretha Franklin Is the First Woman Inducted into the Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame Aretha Franklin American Woman Performing Artists Historic Firsts Rock and Roll Hall of Fame African-American Performing Artists Michigan
1997 Newt Gingrich Is Fined as the First Speaker of the House to be Disciplined for Ethical Misconduct Georgia Political and Social Leaders U.S. House of Representatives Historic Firsts New York Times
1998 Pope John Paul II Begins His First Visit to Cuba Cuba Pope John Paul II Religion Historic Firsts New York Times
2003 The U.S. Census Bureau Announces Hispanics Have Surpassed African-America's as America's Largest Minority Group U.S. Census Bureau Demographics Latin-American Heritage African-American Heritage Historic Firsts New York Times

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