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1893 Freya Madeline Stark (English Explorer, Writer) English Authors English  Explorers, Pioneers
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1780 Jonathan Carver (Massachusetts-born Explorer of the Mississippi River, Minnesota, Lake Superior) Massachusetts Explorers Minnesota Explorers Mississippi River North American Explorers Minnesota Historical Society
1752 Sister Saint Martha Turpin Is First American-born Roman Catholic Nun Catholicism Women Historic Firsts Concordia
1858 British Launch the First All-Metal Ship, the Great Eastern, 18,900 Tons Great Britain Naval History Historic Firsts Greenwich Guide
1915 Germans First Use Poison Gas Against Russians Germany Russia World War I Historic Firsts
1933 Etta Moten Barnett Is the First African American Woman to Perform at the White House Texas Performing Artists African-American Performing Artists Historic Firsts Internet Movie Database African American Registry
1940 The First Social Security Check Is Issued to a Vermont Woman for $22.54 Vermont The Social Security Administration Historic Firsts EconEdLink
1949 First Daytime TV Soap Opera, ''These Are My Children,'' Is Broadcast by Chicago's NBC Affiliate Chicago Television Historic Firsts New York Times
1951 F-51 Sets New London to New York Speed Record of 8 Hours and 55 Minutes London New York City Aviation History Historic Firsts Explorer I
1958 The U.S. Launches Its First Satellite: Explorer I Space Exploration Historic Firsts Explorer I
James Gladstone Is Appointed as Canada's First Senator of Native Descent Canada Native-American Studies Historic Firsts Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre
1961 Chimpanzee Survives 16 minute 39 second Mercury 2 Suborbital Mission Unmanned Space Exploration Primates Mercury 2 Mission
1966 USSR Launches Luna 9 for Successful Unmanned Lunar Landing Soviet Space Program Space Exploration Lunar Space Exploration Zarya NASA
Louisiana's Centenary College Admits the First African-American Students in School History Louisiana Education African-American Heritage Historic Firsts Centenary College Louisiana Secretary of State
1970 LSU's "Pistol" Pete Maravich Sets the College Basketball Career Scoring Record Pennsylvania Sports Figures Basketball Hall of Fame Historic Firsts LSU Sports New York Times
1971 Apollo 14 Is Launched for Manned Lunar Landing Space Exploration Lunar Exploration Apollo 14 Mission Summary History Channel
1972 HEOS 2 Launched for International Study of Interplanetary Cosmic Particles. Space Exploration The Solar System NASA Satellite Mission Summaries
1983 New Law Makes Seat Belts Mandatory in England Great Britain Auto Safety Laws and Legal Resources Historic Firsts BBC
1988 Doug Williams Is the First African-American Quarterback to Start in the Super Bowl Louisiana Sports Figures African-American Sports Figures Historic Firsts Super Bowl XXII African American Registry
1990 The First McDonalds Opens in Russia Russia Business McDonalds Historic Firsts History Channel
1998 Space Shuttle STS-89 (Endeavour 12) Returns from 9-day MIR Docking Mission The Space Shuttle Soviet Space Program NASA STS-89 Mission Chronology

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