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1811 Horace Greeley (New Hampshire-born Pioneer, Journalist) Horace Greeley Westward Expansion Journalism
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1488 Portuguese Explorer, Bartolomeu Dias, Discovers South Africa's Mossel Bay South Africa Bartolomeu Dias Explorers South African History
1690 Massachusetts Authorizes First Official Paper Currency in the Western Hemisphere Massachusetts Massachusetts Colony Currencies Historic Firsts History Channel
1768 Andrew Turnbull Arrives on the Island of Minorca to Recruit Settlers for His New Smyrna Colony in Florida Scottish Explorers New Smyrna, Florida Florida Colony New Smyrna, Florida Florida Historical Society
1838 The Michigan Central Railroad Begins Service Michigan Railroad Historic Firsts State of Michigan
1847 $800 Is Raised in San Francisco for Provisions, Clothing, Horses and Mules to Rescue the Survivors of the Donner Party San Francisco The Donner Party Economics Learn California
1874 Blanche Bruce First MS African American Elected to Full U.S. Senate Term U.S. Congress Mississippi African-American History Historic Firsts
1879 Joseph Swan Demonstrates the First Electric Light at the Newcastle Chemical Society Joseph Swan Light Bulb Historic Firsts The British Library
1926 First Broadcast of WCOA Radio (Pensacola, Florida) Is Piped Outside to an Assembled Crowd Pensacola, Florida Radio Historic Firsts Official Website Florida Historical Society
1954 Queen Elizabeth II Makes the First Visit of a Reigning Monarch to Australia Australia British History Queen Elizabeth II Historic Firsts Government of Australia
1961 The First Commercial Jet Lands in Juneau, Alaska Juneau, Alaska Aviation History Historic Firsts Alaska Historical Society
1965 NASA Launches OSO 2 Satellite to Conduct Solar Physics Experiments Above the Atmosphere Space Exploration The Sun Physics NASA
1966 Soviet Unmanned Luna IX Make First Controlled Lunar Landing Soviet Space Program Lunar Exploration Zarya The History Channel BBC
NASA Launches ESSA 1 Satellite to Provide Meteorological Cloud-cover Photography Space Exploration Clouds Meteorology Photography NASA
1970 NASA Launches SERT II Developmental Spacecraft into a 1000-km-high Polar Orbit Space Exploration NASA
1978 European Economic Community Signs First Trade Agreement with China Chinese History European History Business and Economics World History Historic Firsts
1980 Rookie Larry Bird Hits the First 3-Point Shot in NBA All-Star Game History Basketball Hall of Fame Historic Firsts NBA
1984 NASA Launches Challenger (STS-41-B): Mission Includes First Untethered Space Walks Space Shuttle Historic Firsts NASA
California Woman Gives Birth to the First Child by Embryo Transfer California Medical Research Child Advocacy Historic Firsts Aetna
1986 President Reagan Appoints a Commission to Investigate the Challenger Disaster President Ronald Reagan Challenger Disaster Technology and Society
1989 National League President Bill White Is First African-American to Head a Pro Sports League Florida Sports Figures Major League Baseball African-American Sports Figures Historic Firsts New York Times
1994 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-60) with First Russian Cosmonaut Aboard Russian Space Program Space Shuttle Historic Firsts NASA
1995 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Discovery (STS-63) with First Female Pilot Space Shuttle Women Historic Firsts NASA
2005 Alberto R. Gonzales Is Sworn in as the Nation's First Hispanic Attorney General President George W. Bush Hispanic Heritage Historic Firsts Office of the Attorney General
2009 Eric Holder Is Sworn in as the Nation's First African-American Attorney General Eric Holder President Barack Obama African-American Heritage Historic Firsts Office of the Attorney General

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