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1803 William T. Boutwell (New Hampshire-born Missionary to the Ojibwe Indians Who Confirmed Minnesota's Lake Itasca as the Source of the Mississippi River) New Hampshire Explorers, Pioneers Minnesota Explorers, Pioneers Religious Leaders and Theologians Explorers of North America Oiibwe Mississippi River
1902 Charles Lindbergh (Michigan-born Aviator; First Person to Fly Solo Across the Atlantic Ocean) Charles Lindbergh Aviation
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1789 Electors Unanimously Choose George Washington to be the First President of the United States George Washington The American Presidency Historic Firsts History Channel University of Georgia
1864 Wilmington, Delaware's First Horse-Drawn Streetcar Service Is Incorporated Wilmington, Delaware Transportation Horses Historic Firsts State od Delaware
1906 The Sunday Times Appears as South Africa's First Sunday Newspaper South Africa Media Journalism Historic Firsts The Sunday Times South African History
1960 San Francisco Giants Officially Move into Their Offices at Candlestick Park San Francisco Baseball San Francisco Giants Historic Firsts Baseball Library
1961 USSR Launches Sputnik IV with a 7.1-ton Payload Soviet Space Program Space Exploration NASA
1962 All Five Naked-Eye Planets, the Sun and Moon Align within a Circle 17 in Diameter The Solar System Space and Astronomy NASA
1995 ODERACS-2A Is 1 of 6 Spheres Deployed from Space Shuttle STS-63 for the Calibration of Radars and Telescopes Tracking Orbital Debris Space Shuttle Telescopes NASA
2007 Tony Dungy (Colts) and Lovie Smith (Bears) Are the First Two African Americans to Coach Teams in the Super Bowl: Colts 29 Bears 17 Football African-American Sports Figures Historic Firsts The Super Bowl

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