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1947 Mary Louise Cleave (New York-born Astronaut) New York Explorers and Astronauts Astronauts
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1663 First Recorded Destructive Earthquake in North America Is Centered Between Present Sites of Montreal and Quebec Canada Earthquakes Historic Firsts USGS
1736 English Clergymen John & Charles Wesley Arrive in Savannah, Georgia with 254 Colonists English Political and Social Leaders Savannah, Georgia Colonial Georgia Religion United Methodist Church University of Georgia
1777 Wilkes County Is Organized as Georgia's First County Along with Seven Other Counties Washington-Wilkes County, Georgia Historic Firsts University of Georgia
1846 "Oregon Spectator" Is the First Newspaper on U.S. West Coast Oregon Journalism Historic Firsts On This Day in Oregon
1849 The University of Wisconsin Opens with 20 Students Led by Professor John W. Sterling Wisconsin Education Education Historic Firsts University of Wisconsin Wisconsin Historical Society
1850 Patent Is Issued for First Calculator with Depressible Keys Patents & Trademarks Inventions History of Technology Historic Firsts Technology and Society
1870 In Philadelphia, Henry Heyl Demonstrates a Device for Rapidly Projecting Still Images Giving the Illusion of Motion Pennsylvania Film Historic Firsts Australian Centre for the Moving Image
1878 The First Train Reaches Newcastle, Washington on the Seattle & Walla Walla Railroad Newcastle, Washington Railroads Historic Firsts HistoryLink
1883 Southern Pacific Railroad Completes New Orleans to California "Sunset Route" New Orleans California Railroads Westward Expansion History Channel
1924 BBC "Pips" First Used to Signal the Hour Great Britain Radio Historic Firsts Greenwich Guide
1952 First "Walk/Don't Walk" Signal Installed in New York City New York City Safety Historic Firsts History Channel
1953 Dwight Eisenhower Holds First Presidential Prayer Breakfast Dwight Eisenhower Religion Historic Firsts Eisenhower Memorial Commission
1956 Percival Prattis Is the First African American Admitted to the National Press Club Journalism African-American History Historic First National Press Club PBS
1958 Clifton Wharton Is First African-American Chief of a Diplomatic Mission in Europe (Romania) U.S. Government Romania African-American History Historic First U.S. Department of State
Parking Meters First Appear on the Streets of London's Exclusive Mayfair District London, England Automotives Economics Historic First Historic UK
1971 Apollo 14 Lands on the Moon, Shepard & Mitchell Walk on Moon Alan Shepard NASA Lunar Exploration Smithsonian Institution
1990 Barack Obama Is First African-American Elected President of the "Harvard Law Review" Education Law and Legal Resources African-American History Historic First Harvard Law Review New York Times
1996 Tomato Puree Is First Genetically Modified Food to Go on Sale in British Supermarkets Great Britain Genetically Modified Food Genetics Historic Firsts BBC

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