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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1918 First WWI Edition of U.S. Military Newspaper Stars and Stripes Is Published Stars and Stripes Europe World War I Historic Firsts History Channel
1922 President Harding Has First Radio Installed in the White House President Warren Harding The American Presidency The White House Radio Historic Firsts New York Times
1924 The Gas Chamber Is First Used for an Execution in Nevada Nevada Capital Punishment Law & Legal Resources Historic Firsts Technology and Society History Channel
1933 The First Modern Passenger Plane, the All-Metal Boeing 247, Takes Off from Seattle, Washington Seattle, Washington Aviation History Historic Firsts History Link
1935 17 Women Are Elected for the First Time to the Turkish Grand National Assembly Turkey Voting Women's Suffrage Historic Firsts Turkish Government
1936 Jay Berwanger 1st Pick in 1st NFL Draft, But Never Plays in NFL Iowa Sports Figures NFL College Football Hall of Fame Heisman Trophy Historic Firsts New York Times
1940 Pittsburgh Defeats Fordham 57-37 at Madison Square Garden in the First Televised Basketball Game Basketball Television Fordham University University of Pittsburgh
1944 Harry McAlpin Is 1st African-American Reporter Accredited to the White House The White House African-American Heritage Historic Firsts African American Registry
1962 NASA Launches TIROS-4 Television Infrared Observation Meteorological Satellite Space Exploration Meteorology NASA
1974 Final Three-man Skylab Crew Returns to Earth After 84 days Skylab NASA BBC
1978 U.S. Senate Deliberations Are Broadcast on Radio for the First Time U.S. Senate Radio Historic Firsts New York Times
1980 21-year-old Mary Decker Sets World Indoor Record for the 1500M Run Mary Decker Slaney Track and Field Hall of Fame Female American Sports Figures Historic Firsts New York Times
1984 Soviet Soyuz T-10 Is Launched with Crew of Three Aboard Russian Space Program Space Exploration
1988 NASA Launches Military Surveillance Satellite Space Exploration Cold War NASA
1992 Ulysses Makes Its Closest Encounter with Jupiter Space Exploration Jupiter NASA
1995 Bernard Harris Is First African American to Walk in Space Bernard Harris Space Shuttle African-American Explorers and Astronauts Historic Firsts NASA
2001 Mars Meteorite (Sayh al Uhaymir 094) Is Found In Oman Oman Mars Meteorites Geology NASA

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