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1928 Frank Borman (Indiana-born Astronaut) Frank Borman Astronaut
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1779 Captain James Cook (English Explorer Murdered by Hawaiian Natives) Captain James Cook Hawaii Explorers The History Channel
1779 Hawaiian Natives Murder English Explorer, Captain James Cook, on His Third Visit to the Islands Captain James Cook Hawaii Explorers Death The History Channel
1849 James K. Polk Is First President Photographed in Office James K. Polk The American Presidency Photography Historic Firsts
The First American-made Valentines Are Sold in Worcester, Massachusetts Worcester, Massachusetts Valentines Day Historic Firsts Worcester, Massachusetts Massachsuetts Foundation for the Humanities
1886 First Trainload of Oranges Leaves Los Angeles Foods & Nutrition Economics & Business Railroads Historic Firsts The History Channel
1940 First Birth of a Porpoise in Captivity Occurs in Florida's Marineland, South of St. Augustine St. Augustine, Florida Fish and Marine Wildlife Historic Firsts Marineland, Florida Florida Historical Society
1948 NASCAR Is Incorporated NASCAR Historic Firsts Decades of Racing
1949 Chaim Weizmann Is Elected as the First President of Modern Israel Israeli Political and Social Leaders Chaim Weizmann Historic Firsts Jersusalem Center for Public Affairs Concordia
1954 Television Station WTOC Goes on the Air as Savannah's CBS Affiliate Savannah, Georgia Television Historic Firsts WTOC University of Georgia
1963 US Launches Communications Satellite Syncom 1, but Fails to Maintain Communications Space Exploration Technology History NASA
1980 US Launches Solar Maximum Mission Satellite to Study Solar Flares The Sun NASA
1990 NASA's Voyager 1 Takes First Photograph of Entire Solar System NASA The Solar System Photography Historic Firsts NASA
1995 South Africa's New Constitutional Court Officially Opens South Africa Law and Legal Resources Historic Firsts South African History
2000 NASA's Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) Spacecraft Goes Into Orbit Around Asteroid Eros NASA Space Exploration Asteroids Official Webiste Technology and Society

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