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1822 Francis Galton (English Scientist, Explorer, Biometrician) English Scientists & Mathematicians Evolution Hurricanes & Cyclones
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1741 Benjamin Franklin Publishes General Magazine, America's First Magazine Benjamin Franklin Journalism Historic First Writer's Almanac
1874 The First Grange Is Organized at Mill Creek Hundred in New Castle County, Delaware New Castle County, Delaware Farming & Agriculture Historic Firsts National Grange State of Delaware
1906 Astronomer August Kopff Discovers Asteroid 585 Bilkis German Scientists & Mathematicians Space and Astronomy Asteroids NASA
Astronomer Joel Metcalf Discovers Asteroids 602 Marianna, 603 Timandra and 604 Tekmessa Pennsylvania Scientists & Mathematicians Space and Astronomy Asteroids NASA
1927 Arthur Jerome Drossaerts Is Consecrated as First Archbishop of Catholic Archdiocese of San Antonio San Antonio, Texas Catholicism Religion Historic Firsts Texas State Historical Association
1932 James Markham Receives First Fruit Tree Patent for a Peach Tree Trees Patents, Trademarks & Copyrights Historic Firsts U.S. Patent Office
1946 Inaugural Flight Is Made of the First Commercial Helicopter, the Sikorsky S51 Aviation History Historic Firsts Royal Australian Air Force Museum
1948 Astronomer Gerard Kuiper Discovers the Uranian Moon Miranda Gerard Kuiper Space and Astronomy Uranus NASA
NBC-TV Airs Its First Nightly Newscast Consisting of Fox Movietone Newsreels Television History Journalism Film Historic Firsts New York Times
1955 General Electric Laboratories Announce Production of Synthetic Diamond General Electric Diamonds Historic Firsts LeMoyne University
1965 NASA Launches the First Pegasus Satellite to Study Potential Hazards to the Apollo Moon Missions Space Exploration NASA Florida Historical Society
1968 The Nation's First 911 Emergency Telephone System Is Placed from the Mayor's Office in Haleyville, Alabama Alabama Telephone Health Care Crime Historic Firsts
1994 First Successful Fetal Surgery Performed without Opening the Mother's Body Medical Research Historic Firsts Vanderbilt

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