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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1828 The Cherokee Nation Publishes the First Edition of the Cherokee Phoenix Georgia Cherokee Nation Journalism Historic Firsts The History Channel University of Georgia
1842 John Greenough Receives First U.S. Patent for a Sewing Machine Inventors & Inventions Patents Historic Firsts
1866 Lucy Hobbs Is First Woman Graduate from a U.S. Dental School Education Medical Profession Women Historic Firsts New York Times
1878 First Telephone Book Is Issued by the District Telephone Co, New Haven, Connecticut Connecticut Telephone Historic Firsts New York Times
1887 Oregon Is First State to Declare Labor Day a Holiday Oregon Labor Day Historic Firsts U.S. Department of Labor
Hoagland Laboratory Is Incorporated in Brooklyn, N.Y. as the First True Bacteriology Laboratory New York City Medical Research Bacteria Historic Firsts Intellihealth
1924 Carl Ben Eielson Makes the First Official Air Mail Flight in Alaska Flying From Fairbanks to McGrath Alaska Aviation U.S. Postal Service Historic Firsts Alaska Historical Society
1925 New Yorker Magazine Is First Published Journalism The New Yorker Magazine Historic Firsts Writer's Almanac
1931 Alka Seltzer Is Introduced Drugs, Medicines, Supplements Alka-Seltzer Historic Firsts
1937 San Diego Inventor, Waldo Waterman, Successfully Tests the First Flying Automobile California Scientists & Inventors Inventors & Inventions Automobiles Aviation History Historic Firsts Technology and Society
1943 First Women's Air Force Service Pilots (WASPs) Trainees Arrive at Sweetwater Army Airfield, Texas Texas Women Aviation World War II Historic Firsts Texas State Historical Association
1947 Edwin Land Demonstrates First Instant Developing Camera Photography Inventors & Inventions Historic Firsts George Eastman House Wired
1961 NASA Conducts Successful Test Launch of the Mercury Atlas Rocket Space Exploration NASA
NASA Launches COMSTAR 4 Communications Satellite Space Exploration History of Technology NASA
1995 Steve Fossett Is First Person to Balloon Solo Across the Pacific Ocean: Korea to Saskatchewan Canada Balloons Historic Firsts Steve Fossett's Official Website New York Times
1996 Russia Launches Soyuz TM-23 for 193-day MIR Docking Mission Russian Space Program Space Exploration Astronautix

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