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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1864 Rebecca Lee Is the First African-American Woman to Earn a Medical Degree Virginia Scientists & Mathematicians Medicine African-American Scientists & Mathematicians Historic Firsts NIH USDA
1920 The Nazi Party Holds Its First Meeting of Importance in Munich, Germany `Munich, Germany Nazi Germany Historic Firsts New York Times
1949 U.S. Army V-2 Rocket Launched from White Sands, New Mexico Attains Record Altitude of 244 Miles New Mexico Space Historic Firsts NASA
1964 U.S. $10 Federal Reserve Notes Are First Printed Bearing the Motto "In God We Trust" `Currency Religion Separation of Church and State Historic Firsts U.S. Treasury
1969 NASA Launches Mariner 6 for Mars Fly-by Space Exploration Mars NASA
1987 Supernova 1987A in LMC, Brightest of the Twentieth Century, Is First Seen Space and Astronomy Historic Firsts University of Oregon

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