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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1066 London's Westminster Abbey Is First Opened London, England Westminster Abbey Historic Firsts Concordia
1784 John Wesley Charters the First Methodist Church in America Religious Leaders & Theologians Historic Firsts United Methodist Church The History Channel
1827 The B&O Is the First U.S. Railway Chartered for Freight and Passengers Railroads Historic Firsts Library of Congress
1849 The First Gold Prospectors Arrive in San Francisco Aboard the Ship California The California Gold Rush San Francisco Gold Historic Firsts New York Times
1861 Congress Creates the Colorado Territory U.S. Congress Colorado Westward Expansion The History Channel
1874 Georgia Creates the First State Department of Agriculture in the Nation Georgia Farming and Agriculture Historic Firsts University of Georgia
1884 The First Issue of Florida's Palatka "Daily News" Is Published Palatka, Florida Journalism Historic Firsts Palatka Daily News Florida Historical Society
1887 Alabama Passes Its First Law Fixing Age Limits Work Hours for Certain Child Labor Alabama Labor Child Labor Laws and Legal Resources Historic Firsts Alabama
1893 First Freight Train from the East Arrives in Seattle, Washington over New Transcontinental Tracks Seattle, Washington Railroad Business Historic Firsts History Link
1935 Gerard Berchet Makes the First Strands of Nylon 6-6 Organic Chemistry Historic Firsts Chemical Heritage Foundation
1952 Vincent Massey Is Sworn in as the First Canadian-born Governor-General Canadian Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts Governor General of Canada
1968 NASA Launches ESSA-2 Satellite to Provide Worldwide Cloud-Cover Photography Space Exploration Clouds Photography NASA
1990 Space Shuttle Atlantis (STS 36) Is Launched for Four-day Defense Mission Space Shuttle NASA

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