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1394 Henry the Navigator (Portuguese Sponsor of Voyages of Exploration) Henry the Navigator Explorers Naval History New York Times
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1868 Jesse Chisholm (Tennessee-born Founder of the Chisholm Trail) Tennessee Explorers & Pioneers Famous American Explorers and Pioneers Westward Expansion History Channel
1789 The U.S. Congress Meets for the First Time Under the Constitution U.S. Constitution U.S. Congress Historic Firsts Writer's Alamanc History Channel
1791 Pennsylvania's Israel Jacobs Is the First Jewish Member of Congress Pennsylvania Political and Social Leaders Judaism Historic Firsts United States Congress
1801 Thomas Jefferson Is First President Sworn into Office in Washington, D.C. Thomas Jefferson The American Presidency Historic Firsts American Public Media
The U.S. Marine Band First Performs for an Inaugural; Thomas Jefferson First Calls the Band "The President's Own" Thomas Jefferson The American Presidency Music U.S. Marine Band Historic Firsts American Public Media
1809 James Madison Is Inaugurated as the 4th President of the United States James Madison The American Presidency Business and Economics Historic Firsts Yale University
The U.S. Marine Band Performs at the First Inaugural Ball James Madison The American Presidency Music Dance U.S. Marine Band Historic Firsts American Public Media
1861 The First Confederate flag Is Raised over the Alabama Capitol by the Granddaughter of Former U.S. President John Tyler Alabama President John Tyler American Civil War Historic Firsts Alabama State Archive
1863 Abraham Lincoln Signs the Act Creating the Idaho Territory Idaho Abraham Lincoln Westward Expansion Library of Congress
1872 The Boston Globe Publishes Its First Edition Boston, Massachusetts Journalism Historic Firsts The Boston Globe Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities
1877 Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake Is First Performed at the Bolshoi Theatre Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky Ballet Historic Firsts American Public Media
1886 S. W. Prichard Is Elected the First President of the Florida State Teachers' Association at its meeting in DeFuniak Springs Florida Education Educator of Note Elections Historic Firsts Florida Education Association Florida Historical Society
1887 Gottlieb Daimler's First Gasoline-Powered Motor Carriage Makes Its First Test Run in Esslingen and Cannstatt, Germany German Scientists & Inventors Automotives Historic Firsts History Channel
1917 Representative Jeannette Rankin of Montana Begins Her Term as First Female Member of Congress Jeannette Rankin U.S. Congress Women Historic Firsts New York Times
1929 Charles Curtis Is the First Native-American Vice-President Herbert Hoover Native-American Studies Historic Firsts U.S. Senate
1933 Labor Secretary, Frances Perkins Is First Woman to Serve in a Presidential Cabinet American Presidency Women Historic Firsts New York Times
1944 The U.S. 8th Air Force Launches the First American Bombing Raid of Berlin Berlin Aviation Military History World War II Historic Firsts History Channel
1955 Inaugural Conference of the South African Congress of Trade Unions (SACTU) Opens in Johannesburg South Africa Labor Historic Firsts South African History
1968 U.S. Launches Orbiting Geophysical Observatory 5 (OGO 5) Space Weather NASA
1979 U.S. Voyager I Photo Provides First Evidence of Jupiter's Ring Jupiter Photography NASA
1980 Nationalist Leader Robert Mugabe Wins a Sweeping Election Victory to Become Zimbabwe's First Black Prime Minister Robert Mugabe Elections Historic Firsts BBC
1982 Bertha Wilson Is the First Woman Appointed to the Canadian Supreme Court Canada Women Law and Legal Resources Historic Firsts CBC
NASA Launches Intelsat V Satellite 504 Space Exploration Global Satellite Chart NASA
1990 Space Shuttle STS 36 (Atlantis 6) Returns from 5-day Defense Mission Space Shuttle NASA
1994 Space Shuttle STS-62 (Columbia 16) Is Launched for 14-day Scientific Mission Space Shuttle NASA

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