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1923 Walter M Schirra, Jr. (New Jersey-born Astronaut) Walter Schirra Astronauts
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1488 At Kwaaihoek, Portuguese Navigator Bartholomew Dias Erects a Stone Cross, South Africa's Oldest Monument South Africa Bartholomew Dias Explorers South African HIstory
1610 Galileo Publishes Sidereus Nuncius Announcing Discovery of 4 Moons of Jupiter Italian Scientists and Mathematicians Galileo Galilei Jupiter Space & Astronomy University of Cambridge
1682 French Explorer Robert de la Salle Reaches the Mouth of the Arkansas River Robert de la Salle Arkansas Rivers North American Explorers Arkansas History Commission
1734 The First Group of German Salzburger Immigrants Reached Savannah, Georgia and Are Greeted with Cannon Salutes Germany Savannah, Georgia Colonial Georgia German Immigrants Historic Firsts University of Georgia
1737 Galileo's Body Is Moved to the Church of Santa Croce in Florence, Italy Italian Scientists and Mathematicians Galileo Galilei NASA
1850 First US $20 Gold Piece Is Minted Currency Historic Firsts The Smithsonian
1894 Coca-cola Is First Sold in Bottles Coca-Cola Businesses & Corporations Historic Firsts Soda Pop Collectibles
1908 Frederick Walker "Casey" Baldwin Is the First Canadian to Fly an Airplane Taking Off From Frozen Lake Keuka Canadian Explorers and Aviators Aviation History Historic Firsts Center of the Study of Technlogy and Society
1912 In Savannah, Georgia, Juliet Gordon Low Meets with 18 Girls for the First Meeting of the Girl Scouts of America Juliette Low Girl Scouts Historic Firsts Congressional Record Presidential Proclamation University of Georgia
1926 The Savoy Ballroom Opens in New York City's Harlem District New York City Dance African American Heritage Historic Firsts PBS African American Registry
1933 8 Days After His Inauguration President Franklin Roosevelt Delivers First Radio Fireside Chat Franklin Roosevelt Radio Propaganda History Channel
1956 Dow Jones Index Reaches 500 for First Time Markets & Investments Historic Firsts Dow Jones Indexes
1965 U.S. Air Force Launches Photo-Surveillance Satellite from California's Vandenberg AFB California Space Exploration The Cold War NASA
Missouri Wins the First NCAA Indoor Track & Field Championships Held in Detroit's Cobo Hall Detroit, Michigan Track & Field Historic Firsts Missouri Track and Field NCAA Track & Field Championships Michigan Historic Society
1993 Janet Reno Is Sworn In as the First Female U.S. Attorney General Florida Political and Social Leaders U.S. Attorney General's Office Law and Legal Resources Female American Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts History Channel Court TV
1994 The Church of England Ordains 32 Females as Its First Women Priests English History Religion Women Historic Firsts Church of England New York Times

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