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1886 Albert Stevens (Maryland-born Balloonist, Aerial Photographer) Maryland Artists and Photographers Hot-Air Balloons Photography
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1462 Johannes Gutenberg Begin Printing the Gutenberg Bible with His Movable Type Printing Process Johannes Gutenberg The Bible Historic Firsts Concordia
1682 Franciscan Priest, Father Z. Membre, Celebrates the First Catholic Mass in Arkansas Arkansas Religion Catholicism Historic Firsts Arkansas History Commission
1809 Indiana's First Masonic Lodge Is Organized at Vincennes Vincennes, Indiana Masons Historic Firsts Indiana Historical Society
1864 President Lincoln Congratulates Michael Hahn on Being the First Free-State Governor of Louisiana Louisiana Political  and Social Leaders Abraham Lincoln Historic Firsts Lincoln Papers
1957 Georgia Passes Its First Water Pollution Act to Regulate Wastewater Treatment Facilities Georgia Government Water Earth and Environmental Science Historic Firsts University of Georgia
1969 Apollo 9 Returns to Earth After 10-day Shakedown of Complete Apollo System NASA Moon Exploration NASA
1971 NASA Launches Explorer 43 to Study Interplanetary and Outer Magnetospheric Regions Space Exploration Solar System NASA
1986 Two-man Soviet Crew Begins 129-day Multi-docking Mission Aboard Soyuz T-15 Soviet Space Program Astronautix
1988 I. King Jordan Chosen As First Deaf President for Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Education Deafness Historic Firsts Gallaudet University New York Times
1989 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Discovery to Deploy Tracking and Data Relay Satellite-4 (TDRS-4) Space Exploration Space Shuttle NASA

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