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1928 Frank Borman (Indiana-born Astronaut) Frank Borman NASA Astronauts
1931 Eugene A Cernan (Chicago-born Astronaut) Eugene A Cernan NASA Astronauts
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1743 First American Town Meeting Is Held at Boston's Faneuil Hall Massachusetts U.S. History Historic Firsts New York Times
1812 The U.S. Issues Its First War Bonds War of 1812 United States Economics & Business Historic Firsts History Channel
1841 Scottish Physician/Explorer/Missionary David Livingstone Arrives in Cape Town, South Africa Scottish Explorers South Africa Explorers Concordia
1869 President Grant Appoints Ebenezer Bassett to Service as the First African-American Diplomat (Haiti) Haiti Connecticut Political and Social Leaders President Grant African-American Political and Social Leaders Historic Firsts Haitian Internet
1872 Journalist Henry Stanley and Explorer David Livingstone Part After Five Months in Africa English Scottish Africa" Concordia
1885 Gilbert & Sullivan's Mikado Premieres at the Savoy Theatre in London London, Musical Theater Opera Historic Firsts Theater History
1903 President Roosevelt Creates Pelican Island National Refuge as First National Wildlife Refuge Florida Parks and Landmarks President Theodore Roosevelt Earth and Environment Historic Firsts Pelican Island National Refuge, Florida
1923 Warren G. Harding Is the First U.S. President to File Income Tax Warren G. Harding The American Presidency Taxes Historic Firsts New York Times
1931 Trans-Lux Modern Theatre Opens in New York City as the First Theater with Rear Projection New York City Film Historic Firsts Cinema Treasures
1936 First Issue of the Federal Register Is Published U.S. Government Historic Firsts Law Librarians' Society of Washington, D.C.
1950 The FBI Issues Its First "10 Most Wanted" List The FBI Crime Historic Firsts History Channel
1960 British Radio Telescope Sets Record Contacting Pioneer V Satellite 407,000 Miles Away Great Britain Space Exploration History of Technology BBC
1972 NASA Announces Florida and California Will Be the Space Shuttle's Launch and Landing Sites Florida California Space Shuttle NASA
1995 Astronaut Norman Thagard Is First American to Enter Space Aboard a Russian Soyuz Spacecraft Russian Space Program Space Exploration Historic Firsts New York Times

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