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1813 David Livingstone (Scottish Missionary, Explorer: First European to See Victoria Falls) Scottish Explorers Africa Victoria Falls
1821 Richard Burton (English Explorer, Translator, Scholar) Richard Burton Explorers
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1687 Robert Cavelier La Salle (French Explorer of the Mississippi River; Assassinated in Texas by One of His Men) Robert Cavelier La Salle Texas Explorers of North America Mississippi River
1687 French Explorer Robert Cavelier La Salle Is Assassinated in Texas by One of His Men Robert Cavelier La Salle Texas Explorers of North America Mississippi River Arkansas History Commission
1826 Cherokee Leader, John Dunn Hunter, Arrives in Mexico City Seeking a Cherokee Settlement in Texas Mexico Texas Cherokee Indians Texas State Historical Association
1831 First Recorded U.S. Bank Robbery Takes Place in New York City New York City Economic Institutions Crime Historic Firsts History Channel
1859 The Opera ''Faust'' by Charles Gounod Premieres in Paris Paris Composers Opera Historic Firsts New York Times
1915 Pluto First Appears in a Photograph, But Goes Unnoticed Pluto Photography Historic Firsts
1916 The First U.S. Combat Air Missions Are Flown Over Mexico to Support Pursuit of Pancho Villa by American Troops Poncho Villa Aviation Military History War Historic Firsts History Channel
1918 Iowa's First Junior College Established in Mason City Iowa Education Education Historic Firsts Northern Iowa State Area Community College Iowa State Historical Society
1953 The Academy Awards Are Televised for the First Time Television Film Historic Firsts The Academy Awards History Channel
1964 NASA's Launch of Beacon Explorer-A Satellite Fails to Reach Orbit Space Exploration Earth Science NASA
1966 Texas Western Is the First Team to Win the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Starting Five African-American Players NCAA Mens Basketball Basketball African-American Heritage Historic Firsts University of Texas El Paso New York Times African American Registry
1970 Leaders of East and West Germany Meet for the First Time Germany Historic Firsts BBC
1979 C-SPAN Begins Broadcasting Live From the U.S. House of Representatives U.S. House of Representatives Television Historic Firsts C-SPAN Center for the Study of Technology and Society

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