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1817 William Alexander Anderson "Big Foot" Wallace (Virginia-born Texas Ranger, Frontiersman) Virginia Explorers and Pioneers Texas Explorers and Pioneers Westward Expansion History Channel Texas State Historical Association
1885 H. St. John Philby (English Explorer of the Arabian Peninsula) English Explorers and Pioneers Saudi Arabia
1926 Virgil "Gus" Grissom (Indiana-born Astronaut) Gus Grissom Astronauts
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1862 James Clark Ross (English Admiral and Polar Explorer) English Explorers and Pioneers English Military Leaders The Arctic The Antarctic
1837 Carpenters Are First Workers to Strike in Michigan's History: Seeking 10-hour Work Day Michigan Labor Strike Historic Firsts Michigan Historical Society (pdf)
1848 In California, San Francisco's First American Public School Is Opened San Francisco Education Education Historic Firsts Learn California
1853 Michigan's Daily Free Democrat, Predecessor of the Detroit Free Press, Is Published Michigan Media Journalism Historic Firsts Michigan Historical Society (pdf)
1866 African Americans Vote for the First Time in Wisconsin Wisconsin Voting Rights Historic Firsts African-American Heritage Wisconsin Historical Society
1869 Michigan Establishes Tax-Supported Tuition-Free Schools Michigan Education Education Taxes Michigan Historical Society (pdf)
1871 Nannette Gardner Is the First Woman to Vote in a Detroit Election Detroit Government Voting Rights Women Historic Firsts Michigan Historical Society (pdf)
1887 St. Mark African Methodist Episcopal Church Is Dedicated in Milwaukee as the First African-American Church in Wisconsin Milwaukee, Wisconsin Religion Historic Firsts African-American Heritage St. Mark African Methodist Episcopal Church Wisconsin Historical Society
1933 Michigan Is the First State to Approve the 21st Amendment Ending Prohibition Michigan Government 21st Amendment Historic Firsts State of Michigan
1984 Soyuz T-11 Carries 3 Cosmonauts to Salyut 7 (Rakesh Sharma First Indian in Space) Soviet Space Program Indian Explorers and Astronauts Space Exploration Historic Firsts NASA
1998 The Dow Jones Industrial Average Climbs Above 9,000 for the First Time Markets and Investments Historic Firsts New York Stock Exchange New York Times

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