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1890 Anthony Fokker (Dutch Aviation Pioneer) Dutch Business Leaders Aviation
1892 Donald Douglas (New York City-born Aviation Pioneer) New York City Business Leaders Aviation
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
2010 Wilma Mankiller (Oklahoma-born First Female Chief of Cherokee Nation) Wilma Mankiller Cherokee Nation American Women Political and Social Leaders
647 B.C. The Greeks Chronicle the Earliest Recorded Total Solar Eclipse Classical Greece Sun Historic Firsts NASA
1652 Jan van Riebeeck Lands at the Cape of Good Hope to Settle South Africa for the Dutch East India Company South Africa Dutch Explorers Naval History Cape Town Travel Guide South African History
1764 Four Families of Acadian Immigrants Arrive in Louisiana from New York Louisiana New York Immigrations Historic Firsts Louisiana Secretary of State
1789 U.S. Senate Achieves Its First Quorum at Federal Hall in New York City New York City Historic Firsts U.S. Congress
1896 First Modern Olympic Games Opens in Athens, Greece Greece The 1896 Summer Olympic Games Historic Firsts History Channel
1909 Robert Peary and Matthew Henson Are First People to Reach the North Pole The North Pole Robert Peary Matthew Henson African-American History Historic Firsts History Channel New York Times
1924 U.S. Army Planes Depart Washington State to Begin First Aerial World Circumnavigation Washington Aviation History Historic Firsts History Link
1947 The First Tony Awards Are Held at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York City New York City Stage and Theater Tony Awards Historic Firsts Theatre History
1954 Swansons Introduces First TV Dinner (Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Peas) Foods and Nutrition Business & Economics Historic Firsts Swanson Foods (pdf)
1965 NASA Launches Intelsat 1, the World's First Commercial Communications Satellite Space Exploration Technology Historic Firsts NASA
1973 The Yankees Ron Blomberg Is Baseball's First Designated Hitter New York Baseball Historic Firsts Major League Baseball New York Times
1974 The Seattle Mariners Play Their First Baseball Game in Seattle, Losing 7-0 to the California Angels in the Kingdome Seattle, Washington California Sports Figures Baseball Major League Baseball Historic Firsts History Link
1982 In the Minneapolis, Metrodome's First Professional Baseball Game, the Minnesota Twins Lose to the Seattle Mariners, 11-7 Minneapolis, Minnesota Seattle, Washington Baseball Major League Baseball Historic Firsts MInnesota Historical Society
1984 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Challenger (STS-41C) for First On-Orbit Satellite Repair Space Exploration Historic Firsts NASA
1997 NASA Cuts Space Shuttle Columbia Mission Short Due to Defective Fuel Cell NASA Space Shuttle BBC
1998 Dow Jones Industrial Average Closes above 9,000 Points for the First Time Markets and Investments Historic Firsts Marketplace

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