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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1786 In Philadelphia, Bishop William White Establishes the First Dispensary to Provide Free Medicine to the Poor Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Health Care Community Services Historic Firsts IntelliHealth
1794 Captain George Vancouver and His Ships Entered Alaska's Cook Inlet and Discovered It Is Not a River George Vancouver North American Explorers Naval History Alaska Historical
1836 Arkansas' First Democratic Convention Nominates James Conway for Governor and Archibald Yell for Congress Arkansas U.S. Congress Arkansas Democratic Party Historic Firsts Arkansas History Commission Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture
1858 Detroit Hosts the First International Billiards Tournament Detroit, Michigan Sports Historic Firsts Historical Society of Michigan (pdf)
1861 Confederates Forces Fire on Fort Sumter, South Carolina at 4:30 a.m., Starting the U.S. Civil War Fort Sumter Fort Sumter Historic Firsts Tulane University
1877 Harvard's Alexander Tyng Wears First Catcher's Mask in a Baseball Game Baseball Historic Firsts Havard University New York Times
The American Premiere of Giuseppe Verdi's Opera "Don Carlos" Is Performed in New York City Verdi New York City Opera Historic Firsts American Public Media
1879 Wheeler Is the First County Organized in the Texas Panhandle Wheeler County, Texas Historic Firsts Wheeler County, Texas Texas State Historical Association
1923 St. Paul, Minnesota's First Automatic Traffic Signal Begins Operation on a 10' Pedestal at Fifth and St. Peter Streets St. Paul, Minnesota Transportation Historic Firsts Minnesota Historical Society
1961 Yuri Gagarin Is First Man in Space, Orbiting Almost 2 Hours Yuri Gagarin Russian Space Program Historic Firsts History Channel BBC
1979 The Soviet Soyuz 33 Spacecraft Makes Emergency Return to Earth Soviet Space Program Space Exploration Spacefacts
1981 First Space Shuttle, Columbia, Is Launched from Cape Canaveral The Space Shuttle Historic Firsts Kennedy Space Center History Channel
1983 Harold Washington Is Elected as the First African-American Mayor of Chicago Chicago Famous African-Americans Historic Firsts Chicago Public Library New York Times
1985 NASA Launches Space Shuttle Discovery, with Senator Jake Garn Aboard U.S. Congress The Space Shuttle Kennedy Space Center
1988 Harvard University Is Granted First-ever Patent for New Life Form (mouse) Mouse Genetics Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights Historic Firsts Indiana University USPTO

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