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1944 Steve Fossett (Tennessee-born Aviator) Tennessee Aviatiors and Pioneers Aviation
Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1540 Spanish Explorer Francisco Vázquez de Coronado Leaves Culiacán in Mexico in Search of the Seven Cities of Cíbola Francisco Vázquez de Coronado Mexico Texas New Mexico North American Explorers Texas Historical Association
1564 Rene de Laudonniere, Leading Three Ships Carrying 200 Colonists, Mostly Huguenots, Sails From France for Florida France Florida Colonial Florida Immigration Florida Historical Association
1689 Spanish Explorer Alonso De León Discovers the Ruins of a French Settlement, Fort St. Louis, on the Texas Coast Spanish Explorers France Texas North American Explorers Texas Historical Association
1864 The U.S. Treasury Is Authorized to Mint the First Coins Bearing the "In God We Trust" Motto U.S. Treasury Currencies First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution Historic Firsts Lincoln Log U.S. Treasury
1876 The First Official National League Baseball Game Is Played in Philadelphia (Boston 6, Philadelphia 5) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Boston, Massachusetts Baseball Major League Baseball Historic Firsts Baseball Almanac New York Times
The New York Philharmonic Performs the American Premiere of Tchaikovsky's "Romeo and Juliet" Fantasy-Overture Tchaikovsky New York Philharmonic Romes & Juliet Composers Historic Firsts American Public Media
1889 The Oklahoma Land Rush Begins at High Noon As Settlers Race into the Newly Opened Oklahoma Territory to Claim Cheap Land Oklahoma Westward Expansion The History Channel New York Times
1915 Germans Make First Use of Poison Chlorine Gas at the Second Battle of Ypres Germany World War I Chlorine Historic Firsts Brigham Young University History Channel Center for the Study of Technology and Society
1952 An Atomic Test Conducted in Nevada is the First Nuclear Explosion Shown on Live Network Television Nevada Nuclear Weapons Television Historic Firsts New York Times
1954 Senator Joe McCarthy Begins First Televised Hearings on the U.S. Army, Which He Claims Is "Soft" on Communism Joe McCarthy U.S. Senate McCarthyism U.S. Army Television Historic Firsts The History Channel Wisconsin Historical Society
1970 The First Earth Day Is Observed Earth Day Historic Firsts Earth Day Network The History Channel Wisconsin Historical Society
1971 Soviets Launch Soyuz 10 for Docking Mission to Salyut 1 Soviet Space Program Space Exploration NASA
1972 NASA Astronauts Take the Rover for a 7 Hour 23 Minute Lunar Ride Astronauts The Moon NASA
1976 NASA Launches NATO 3-A, the First in a Series of NATO Defense-Related Communications Satellites Space Exploration NATO Historic Firsts NASA
Barbara Walters Is First Female Network News Anchor Television Women Journalism Historic Firsts The History Channel
1994 Børge Ousland First Person to Reach the North Pole Alone Arctic Norway Official Website

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