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Persons of Historic Significance Who Have Died on This Date
1804 Town of Uitenhage, South Africa Is Founded Uitenhage, South Africa Civil War South African History
1831 Lion of the West, a Play About Davy Crockett Opens in New York City New York City Davy Crockett Westward Expansion Stage & Theater The History Channel
1866 Mississippi Women Observe First Memorial Day for Fallen Soldiers Mississippi Memorial Day Civil War Death Historic Firsts University of Virginia
1901 New York Passes First Law Requiring License Plates for Cars ($1) New York Automobiles Historic Firsts New York Times
1928 American Morris Frank Arrives in Switzerland to Train with First Seeing Eye Dog Blindness Dogs Historic Firsts Seeing Eye, Inc.
1950 Boston Celtics Make Chuck Cooper First African American Drafted into the NBA Basketball African-American History Historic Firsts NBA
1954 Bell Labs Announces First Solar Battery Energy Sun Historic Firsts IEEE
1961 U.S. Launches Atlas Rocket to Test Mercury Spacecraft Systems Space Exploration NASA
1962 NASA Launches SA-2 Rocket to Test Effects of Release of Water on Radio Transmissions and Weather Space Exploration Water Radio Weather NASA
1971 Soviet Soyuz 10 Returns to Earth Earlier Than Expected After Docking with Salyut 1 Space Station Soviet Space Program Space Exploration Television News Archive
1990 Space Shuttle Discovery Astronauts Deploy the Hubble Telescope Space Shuttle Hubble Telescope NASA The History Channel

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